[Review] SHINee – Good Evening (SHINee is Back!)

SHINee is Back! And happy belated 10th anniversary, dear boys!

I was supposed to write a separate congratulatory post about it here, but… laziness is real, and it’s still hard for me to adjust back to my regular schedule after 2 weeks of a break. But yeah, some TMI: I used to be a Shawol (2013-2015 period), and was even a part of Russian subbing team. But then I just naturally distanced myself from the fandom when the boys released 1 of 1 (which I didn’t really like, in contrary to the repackage album with Tell Me What To Do). But SHINee will forever have a special spot in my heart. And actually couple of days ago I managed to order their official lightstick (yoo-hoo!). Okay, now let’s go back and talk about their newest release.

SHINee The 6th album “The Story of Light” EP.1

Release date: May 28, 2018


01. All Day All Night
02. 데리러 가 (Good Evening) *Title
03. Undercover
04. JUMP
05. 안녕 (You & I)

All right, hello Deep house again! Last time SHINee released a Deep house genred song was in 2015, and they (along with BTS) put a start to the never ending trend of EDM sound that lasts until now (and I wouldn’t have minded that if there was any musical diversity. But no, majority went Tropical house, which got me annoyed pretty quickly, hence why I prefer Deep house).

But okay, about Good Evening. IT’S DAMN GOOD. It’s exactly what I love about SHINee’s music. It takes the best out of genre they’re going for, and make it even better with the group’s vocals and harmonies, which, in my opinion, remains the best out of currently active K-pop acts. There’s that magic that SHINee has to keep you interested in their music. They’re truly Kings of experimenting with sounds, and I’m glad they maintain that title even throughout this release.

The whole instrumental of the song is amazing. It barely repeats anywhere except for chorus, and the variety of tempos, instrumentals and base is not overwhelming! I just wanna keep listening to this song, it’s too good. And vocals. Harmonies! The thing that I loved the MOST about SHINee. Their harmonies are no joke. Can I just say that I really missed them so god damn much??? The MVP of this comeback for me is Key, his falsetto voice is delicious as hell. And then that bridge with Minho’s rap, dayum. I’m totally sold for this comeback.

Separate shoutout to visual factor of this comeback. The boys are looking gorgeous as ever, and the visual sequence of the MV is pure AESTHETICS.

SHINee is continuing to do their best to keep their legacy of an experimental group, and I hope it remains so for many more years. Super excited for Ep.2 and Ep.3 of this album, I just know that they won’t disappoint me.

THIS. This is how you incorporate EDM without making it too trappy and boring. Learn from SHINee, y’all. They’re not called Kings for nothing.


Title track – 10/10
MV – 10/10

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