[Review] SHINee – I Want You (The Story of Light, EP.2)

Here we are with the second part of SHINee’s 6th full album The Story of Light. If you missed out what I thought of the EP.1, you can find my review here: [Review] SHINee – Good Evening (SHINee is Back!). SHINee, as always, set up the expectations bar way too high, and I can’t help but be half-excited, half-nervous for the next part of the series. So let’s get into The Story of Light, EP.2, and its title track I Want You.

SHINee 6th full album
The Story of Light, EP.2

Release date: June 11, 2018


01. I Want You *Title
02. Chemistry
03. Electric
04. Drive
05. 독감 (Who Waits For Love)

If Good Evening (title track from EP.1 of The Story of Light album) was created as a new twist on Deep house, then I Want You takes a more mainstream (that is actually slowly dying) route of a Tropical house, but like I’ve said several times: SHINee is that group that looks into mainstream sound in a very special and unique way, making whatever song they put out very SHINee-esque that you can’t complain about even if it’s going mainstream way. I personally heavily prefer Good Evening over I Want You because I prefer intakes on Deep house more than Tropical house, but it doesn’t mean that I don’t like it at all. I probably will start believing that if a group doesn’t have such distinct and unique voices like SHINee members have, it will be very hard to make a mainstream song sound so sophisticating.

The MV wasn’t really my cuppa tea compared to Good Evening as well, and if I could sense the meaning behind the mentioned MV, then I Want You doesn’t give me that feeling of understanding. Hence why I couldn’t really feel it. But again, the visual MVP of this whole comeback trilogy is absolutely Key. He looks specifically gorgeous this year.

Opposite to title track, I really love side tracks from EP.2 more than EP.1. Chemistry sounds more like the mainstream Tropical house, even with what I said about SHINee vocals being very unique. Electric is my personal winner of this part of the album, it sounds mysterious, and that chorus beat is very addictive. The overall balance of that song is amazing (I think I’m getting obsessed). Drive is probably the second winner of this album, it just overall sounds very pleasing to my ears, even with those Tropical house elements in the chorus. Who Waits For Love also goes Tropical house way in the chorus (something similar to Chungha’s Why Don’t You Know), but the harmony above it is very satisfying, and the fact that the members don’t force their vocals to be in high registers compliments the quality of the song, making it a perfect chilling track for sunset timing.

I literally can’t wait to see what SHINee are bringing with the last part of their 6th full album. How about you?


Title track – 8/10
MV – 7/10

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