[Review] SHINee – Our Page (The Story of Light, EP.3) [okay, it doesn’t seem like a review, too overwhelming]

June 25 is deemed to be a very difficult day for me as a LOΛE and former Shawol. Two of my favorite boy groups released their newest music on the same day. As expected, I’m double deceased by the epicness of their albums. Few hours ago I posted my review for NU’EST W’s “Dejavu”, and now let’s talk about SHINee’s final part of 6th full album “The Story of Light” and its title track Our Page.

Find my reviews for previous parts of the album here: EP.1 – Good Evening, EP.2 – I Want You

SHINee 6th full album
“The Story of Light” EP.3

Release date: June 25, 2018


01. 네가 남겨둔 말 (Our Page) *Title
02. Tonight
03. Retro
04. I Say
05. Lock You Down (Special Track)

A perfect epilogue for an amazing album. Of course, the final part of this album should be dedicated to him, to our shining Angel, to the one who will always remain a part of 5HINee.

That’s why the sounds even more sorrowful yet so, so beautiful. The instrumental in title track Our Page echoes in your mind, and the members vocals are very soothing and calm. SHINee members sing their message to Jonghyun in the most raw presence: without hiding their sadness, but at the same time expressing their hopes to remain forever.

The pretty words you left
Behind become a poem, become a song
Our voices are flying
We know it’ll reach you wherever you are
If a star vanishes, will everything be forgotten?
I’m holding the precious you in my arms
I want to fill the pages of this story that isn’t over yet
Until the very end

Honestly, I still find it hard to talk about the musical aspect of this song. Maybe it’s because musically there’s nothing going on, or mostly it’s because that overwhelming meaning of this whole part of album is dominating everything. I just simply love this song, and cherish the message written in the lyrics.

Other songs in this album are also solid diamonds in SHINee discography. This time I can’t choose my favorite song, every single track is so beautifully produced. Tonight is like a continuing longing message for Jonghyun, when Retro is just a mind-blowing, one of real retro-feeling songs (I think if we put aside the overall message of this album, this is gonna be my favorite track from EP.3, especially because the chorus is so beautiful). I Say doesn’t sound like a typical idol ballad, and Lock You Down made me speechless, because I didn’t notice the (Special Track) attached to the song title until I heard Jonghyun’s voice in the song. What a beautiful SHINee song with his voice in it to give to us Shawols. I’m literally still speechless after listening to EP.3. You can barely call this post a review, I’m so sorry.

Title track – 10/10
MV – 10/10

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