[INFO] Announcing two new weekly blog sections!

Hello guys!

It’s time to finally announce my two new blog sections that are gonna have a fixed schedule, hence allowing you to expect some constant content without guessing when the hell it’s gonna be published!

First one is called B-side Treasures, where I’m sharing with you guys the b-side tracks that, in my opinion, deserves more recognition/appreciation. This section will be on this blog every Wednesday.

The other section is Hidden Gemstone, which is also a underrated songs appreciation post, with only difference that it’s gonna feature a title track that has been heavily slept on. This section will be published every Friday.

I’m really hoping that with these two new sections, as much as with all other ones I have here, I can help K-pop fans to explore more songs and maybe find new artists to follow up with! It’s always a pleasure receiving comments and messages from readers saying that I helped them discover another gem of a song or an artist, it makes me feel very satisfied, because that’s exactly what I wished for when I started this whole blog. Sometimes, when I write strong statements on my personal Twitter, and then meet people from my fandom that are loving my bold attitude, I feel simply happy. Whenever I recommend a song, and the person like it a lot, I feel happy.

Please look forward to these new sections of my blog!

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