[B-side Treasures] NU’EST – R.L.T.L. (Real Love True Love) (One morning)

Like I’ve announced yesterday, from this week on, I’ll be having two fixed weekly sections of Rina’s Ranting Blog, one of which is called B-side Treasures, where I talk about non-title songs of K-pop artists that, in my opinion, should be more appreciated.

And guess what, my bias group is the main character of the pilot issue!

Картинки по запросу nuest canvas

NU’EST – R.L.T.L. (Real Love True Love) (one morning)

Year of release: 2016
Composer: BUMZU, Park Gitae (PRISMFILTER)
Arranger: Park Gitae (PRISMFILTER), BUMZU

Lyrics: R.L.T.L. (Real Love True Love) (one morning)

Out of five tracks presented in the last NU’EST mini-album as five members before Produce 101 and all the reversal story (and current hiatus of full band), R.L.T.L. seem to be the least discussed songs, which is a damn pity because the whole production of it is so great, those tiny details of instrumentals put throughout the song is so interesting to catch with your ears as you listen to it.

Also, you probably heard some cute remarks from last year how Wanna One’s debut song Energetic started in a very similar way to R.L.T.L., at least the piano part (like, first three notes?! lol) At this point I already learned how to differentiate both songs, so it doesn’t really seem the same to me anymore.

Also can we talk about this choreography? Crisp, dynamic, beautiful. I wish there was a full practice video of the dance alone, I’m way too obsessed with all of that popping!

𝓡𝓪𝓽𝓲𝓷𝓰 – 10 out of 10

What do you think of R.L.T.L.? Underrated or nah?

3 thoughts on “[B-side Treasures] NU’EST – R.L.T.L. (Real Love True Love) (One morning)

      1. yes the only one i hear about is sleep talking. like, the fandom needs to talk about Lost & found or something. they literally have so many and theyre so good


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