[Review] SEVENTEEN – Oh My! (YMMD is the best SVT album I’ve heard so far)

SEVENTEEN is back with their 5th mini album You Make My Day, and can we talk about how this is possibly THE BEST album they’ve released until today?

I became a casual SVT fan since the beginning of this year after I was totally blown away by Clap and, while was gearing for Thanks promotions, I did a [GOING THROUGH] Seventeen’s discography. I really like when a group establishes a style that’s easy to recognize, meaning when you listen to a song and think, “Ah! This is very Seventeen.” And this is exactly what You Make My Day is as well.

So let’s go and see what’s so good about this whole damn mini album?

SEVENTEEN 5th mini album
“You Make My Day”

Release date: July 16, 2018


01. 어쩌나 (Oh My!) *Title
02. Holiday
03. 나에게로 와
04. What`s Good
06. 우리의 새벽은 낮보다 뜨겁다

Hitting right away with a playful, somewhat funky intro was the best decision Woozi and Bumzu made when composing the title track Oh My! After having two back-to-back grungy and dark sounds Clap and Thanks, this mini album feels like going back to basics, a.k.a. to what SEVENTEEN’s sound was at the beginning, but, of course, with a whole upgrade. I really love the percussion in the song, and how this whole thing progresses, not really having any repetitive moments that would bore you as you listen.

The overall sound of Oh My! is very relaxed, laid back, while still being playful in tiny musical details, and the strong, solid vocals perfectly balances it. The whole second verse is seems like a rollercoaster when the rhythm and instrumentals keeps changing, leaving the listener very surprised at how it all still wonderfully blends together. And that outro is so crispy and amazing, I totally love it.

The MV is full of faded pastel aesthetics, featuring comfy beds, clouds and everything that perfectly describes someone who’s falling deeper into its love interest. Gosh, can I also say how the lyrics are so cute and lovely and just reminds me all the way back to Adore U and Mansae/Pretty U times? I really, really love what Pledis artists are doing with their music in terms of lyrics, it’s just so pleasing, even if those are the cheesiest kind of lyrics possible. And the choreography… do we even need to talk about how whimsical all SEVENTEEN’s choreography is? Especially the intro-outro parts, having those console game inspirations incorporated into dances is beyond genius for me.

Now let’s talk about the rest of the album:

  • Holiday: I just can’t describe how happy I feel whenever I listen to this song, this just reminds me why I love K-pop so much, and how diverse Korean pop music is. It has elements of traditional tropical house that I’m not even feeling sick of, and the chorus is specifically so cool!
  • Come To Me (Vocal unit): Yes, another classic tropical house sample used in the instrumentals, but what’s most surprising is that the vocal unit is not even using their full singing range, it’s a super laid-back track suitable for summer. It definitely sounds lacking for me who’s very tired of tropical house genre at this point, but it well blends with the whole mood of this mini album, so I’m not complaining much.
  • What’s Good (Hip Hop unit): I’ve mentioned in my GOING THROUGH post that I really enjoy Hip Hop unit songs despite not being the biggest fun of rap-focused songs. Maybe it’s because SVT’s Hip Hop unit make songs that are very easy to listen to, I find myself enjoying almost every their track, including this half-funky, half-retro What’s Good.
  • MOONWALKER (Performance unit): OH, THIS MASTERPIECE. One of my most favorite tracks in this mini-album. This EDM is so addictive, I already predicted that I’m gonna love this song when I first listened to highlight medley. It typically builds up to the chorus, only to give you a freaking smooth fat synth instead of an immediate drop. And that smoothest transition to what’s supposed to be the actual drop, gosh. This song is mind blowing.
  • Our Dawn Is Hotter Than Day: My other top favorite song in YMMD alongside MOONWALKER. That guitar at the beginning, and a chanting-like song is just so good for concert encore stages, ughhh. I ultimately love it. It’s definitely gonna be one of those endearing songs for Carats to sing along with SEVENTEEN, I wish I could just join the chant.

Title track – 9/10
MV – 10/10

What did you think of this SEVENTEEN’s comeback? Did you like it or it wasn’t really your taste?

6 thoughts on “[Review] SEVENTEEN – Oh My! (YMMD is the best SVT album I’ve heard so far)

  1. I haven’t check the whole album yet but for me, the title track isn’t as catchy as other songs that have been produced by them. At first, the song doesn’t grab my attention but as I listen to it many times, I kind of like it. For me, I give their title track 3.5/5 as I’m like songs like Clap and Call Call Call.


    1. I really loved both Clap and CCC because they were grungy, hence stood out A LOT among other releases from same promotional period, but I first got into SVT with their funky sound, and I find myself really enjoying that throwback to basics.


    2. But damn, make sure to check out the rest of the album, I bet MOONWALKER gonna make you go hard~


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