[Hidden Gemstone] Park Jimin (15&) – Hopeless Love

I apologize for the delay of this post, I was too caught up with real-time work to make time to write this. I will try drafting posts in advance and schedule their releases so I won’t have to delay anything again.

Anyways, welcome back to my new segment Hidden Gemstone, and today my focus is on a solo release from 15&‘s Park Jimin called Hopeless Love.

Картинки по запро�у jimin hopeless love

Park Jimin (15&) – Hopeless Love

Album: Hopeless Love (single)
Release year: 2015
Lyrics: J.Y. Park “The Asiansoul
Composer: Jacquie Lee, Negin Djafari, Lee Woomin “collapsedone”, Fredrik “Fredro” Odesjo
Arranger: Lee Woomin “collapsedone”, Fredrik “Fredro” Odesjo

Chart peaks: Gaon digital – #14
Lyrics: Park Jimin (15&) – Hopeless Love

I’m not the biggest fan of either 15& nor Park Jimin, but this song immediately entered my playlist back in 2015-2016 when I first heard it. I’ve mentioned several times that I’m a big fan of music that perfectly suits into contemporary dance feel, and Hopeless Love is one of those songs. The lyrics are pretty desperate as you can tell by the song title, talking about a protagonist having feelings, but the love interest only sees them as “friends”, and how such words hurt.

The song definitely doesn’t fall into typical K-pop sound, and that’s what made this song stand out for me. You can tell the tendency of me liking a lot of non-typical songs, although I never minded some classic k-pop sounds. In case with Jimin, the echoing melody and sorrowful lyrics were those “it” factors that made me fall in love with this single.

What do you think of this song? Does it deserve more appreciation or nah?

2 thoughts on “[Hidden Gemstone] Park Jimin (15&) – Hopeless Love

  1. Thanks for your recommendation. i have always loved her voice. This is the kind of song i would listen when emo-feels are in the air ~

    Favourite song to listen during rainy and gloomy days ^^


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