[B-sides Treasure] Luna (f(x)) – My Medicine

Oops. I stopped looking at the calendar for a good while and totally forgot I was supposed to post this yesterday. /I need to start drafting ahead/ Lesson learned: I will write down on separate post-it all tasks I need to draft/publish within the day and stick it somewhere more visible than my blogging log, so I don’t forget.

Anyways, here I am again with another treasure from my long K-pop playlist. Welcome to my “Luna deserved better” shitpost, you lots. Duh.

Картинки по запросу luna free somebody

Luna – My Medicine

Album: Free Somebody
Year of release: 2016
Lyrics: Luna, Choi
Composer: Luna, Park Seulgi, Choi
Arranger: Park Seulgi

Lyrics: Luna – My Medicine

Luna, Luna, Luna… Where do I start from though?

Okay, basics: Luna is the main vocalist and lead dancer of a girl group f(x) under SM Entertainment debuted in 2009. Some fun facts include one that she originally auditioned for SM as a dancer, but ended up being one of the most powerhouse vocals of the company (that !somehow! managed to bury her talent in the dungeon even until now).

Her sudden rise in popularity after appearing in very first episodes of King Of A Masked Singer, a show designed to have singers recognized for their vocal skills without being biased as they wear masks during their performance stages, didn’t actually last long. SM’s poor PR strategy let Luna’s first solo Free Somebody to be completely buried among other releases of the same period.

I could’ve continued talking about how much more appreciation Luna deserves, but I think I already did that, and this post is not for me to whine about injustice. So, back to the selected B-side Treasure.

My Medicine has been on my anxiety/depression therapy playlist since its release, and, just like the title says, it’s about missing a person who’s been a source of comfort to you, be it a lover, a friend, or simply a family member (Luna composed and wrote the lyrics while thinking of her parents). The song is also on my “contemporary dance music” playlist that usually features songs I can imagine dancing to. Usually I abstractly imagine someone coming at the very end of the song, when you finished your dance and lied down on either coach or bed, to cover you with a blanket and place a gentle kiss on the forehead, truly like a medicine.

This song is my special favorite at nights when I feel like needing someone to comfort me or to tell me that I’m safe with them, that they’ll protect me. As someone who’s still battling deep depression combined with anxiety and panic disorder, when I don’t have anyone next to me to make me feel safe, I always turn on this song. Luna’s soft voice soothes my mind down, and I find myself at ease and able to relax.

How do you find this song?


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