[Review] Minseo – Zero (I’m eternally SHOOK by the epicness of this song)

I never thought that soon after I discovered Minseo with her retro sounding Is Who, I’ll be writing a full review to her next single (she’s apparently releasing stuff so frequently like?? very?? frequently??) Never have I imagined how speechless she’s gonna leave me with both the song and the MV for Zero. Without further ago, let’s find out what exactly made me so damn shocked to the point I still can’t recover myself.


“Zero” digital single

Release date: July 23, 2018


01. ZERO


I. Am. Shocked. Everything happening in the song left me so speechless, I still don’t know how do I express my ultimate love for this song (and anger with Mystic Ent./Loen for not releasing both Is Who and Zero on VN iTunes/Spotify). But let me tell you: doing a fusion of electronic music and classical instrumentals? Also adding choir in the bridge?? I’ve been a fan of symphonic metal since 2012, and usually we’d still hear epic instrumentals in either fantasy movies or games, but it would always be only electronic synth or only classical instruments. But having BOTH? In a k-pop song that’s not an OST for any epic movie/drama/game? Did Minseo, by any chance, sign a contract with the devil to release such amazing pieces?

It’s been a whole day since the release of the song, and I still can’t collect myself to express something more than just a “WOW I’M SO SHOOKETH”. It’s on all levels so wonderful, and it made me miss those classical crossovers so much, OH MY GOSH. How do I just come back to my senses after what I’ve listened to??? Minseo’s vocals really suited this song, I think even more than it did in Is Who, although I love the latter one a lot. But since I already have a spoonful of very good retro tracks, it’s always a pleasure to find an epic sound that totally doesn’t fit into standard K-pop frame.

Also the MV is so, so beautiful, although I’m personally not used to seeing girls doing parkour (especially in skirts), but that was very impressive and very movie-alike. I’m saying this once again: I’m absolutely MINDBLOWN. The music video is apparently a reference to Japanese movie called “Your Name”, and also features Japanese actors, as well as the whole filming location (except for Minseo’s scenes) is actually Japan. I haven’t seen the mentioned movie, but probably this release will strike my interest in watching it as soon as possible.

Title track – 10/10
MV – 10/10

What did you think of this release by Minseo? Did it leave you as speechless?

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