[Hidden Gemstone] Good Day – Rolly (y’all are really missing out a solid 2017 debut!)

Oh wow, hi again, it’s another Friday, meaning, another Hidden Gemstone!

Probably I should launch a survey for K-pop fans to find out whether they do check other artists aside from their faves, and if yes, how do they execute that (by the way, if you belong to that kind that checks other artists, you can answer these questions in the comment section~). It’s always interesting to know how people end up being multifandom.

So today’s Hidden Gemstone is a song that I consider one of the best 2017 debuts, and unfortunately, you can tell it went almost unnoticed *sigh*

Картинки по запросу good day all day good day

Good Day – Rolly

Album: All Day Good Day
Year of release: 2017
Lyrics: 어벤전승, 정재엽
Composer: 어벤전승, 정재엽
Arranger: 어벤전승, 정재엽

Lyrics: Good Day – Rolly

Unfortunately, this very solid girl group debut was overshadowed by a whole bunch of much more recognized K-pop acts that came back at the same month (Wanna One, Sunmi, HyunA – you name it). And considering how usually a cute/bright/poppy concept for girl groups is not very much appreciated unless you come from relatively bigger companies, it is even sadder for me to know that Rolly couldn’t even get a glimpse of attention it actually deserves. And no, even the cameo appearance of Wanna One’s Bae Jinyoung, who’s Good Day‘s labelmate senior, in the MV didn’t help much.

What made this song stand out for me is it’s jazzy sound, and you know how much I love jazzy stuff. Of course, Bae Jinyoung’s cameo appearance in the music video was the reason I decided to check out these girls (because back in the August 2017 I was pretty much still invested in checking out all Wanna One’s side activities), but I totally forgot about that feature the second I heard the song. It’s on all terms poppy, positive, and energetic (definitely no pun intended) – yes, and also cute, but did I ever have anything against cute concepts? And that brass just makes me want to dance all the time.

Speaking of the dance. The choreography to the song is very intense. Even though I know there’s GFRIEND and Dreamcatcher out here popular with their intense dances, but Good Day‘s choreography routine actually reminded me more of Seventeen. Not that I don’t give enough recognition to girl groups mentioned, but the way the dance was made, and the formations reminded me a lot of SVT, because they gave me a major musical-esque vibes. It’s very stage performance oriented compared to others.

It’s sad that this debut went unnoticed, or that people mainly come to check MV because of cameo appearance (I hold nothing against that though) since it’s driven away the whole attention from the song itself. If C9 wants to make Good Day a well recognized group, they better give them a solid first comeback to establish the fanbase. Cause I’m personally a huge fan of their debut mini-album, it’s damn good.

Check out both MV and dance versions of the song:

What do you think of this song? Does it sound like a solid debut? What are chances Good Day can become the next it-group in K-pop market?

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