I… fell into a writing slump.

Hello there!

Yes, you read it correctly. I fell into a writing slump. But not a general slump when you just can’t produce any type of content.

I realized that these days I’m not really into urgently checking out all new K-pop releases in order to write reviews, especially after two, almost three packed months of all sort of songs and mini-albums. I’m not sure if anyone did a research study, but apparently all new blogs tend to fall into their first writing slump after 6 months of running their platform. That situation happened when I ran my previous blog, and this time my slump came a little bit later than I thought. Or, to be more precise, I forced myself to constantly write in order to avoid that creativity block. But, as you can see, it still came to me, and I guess, I have to admit my surrender.

I got way too overwhelmed will all new releases while at the same time keeping up with all news related to my fandom (if you still don’t know, I’m a LOΛE [NU’EST fanclub]), including non-stop streaming on MelOn, promoting the boys, hyping them up… y’know, usual fan routine during promotional periods. Now that NU’EST W finished their Dejavu promos, I found myself emotionally exhausted and in urgent need of relaxing therapy, or generally a break from reviewing new songs. Hence why all my reviews, including AJR, were released much later than I was supposed to publish them (the longest was, I think, 3 weeks since release?). Now I found myself unable to force out reviews, because I’d definitely find them less reflecting of what I actually feel about the songs, or my opinions would be very crumbled and non-informative to you.

But, to my own surprise, I found myself stuck with only reviews sections of my blog. I guess this is a perfect opportunity to focus on creating other content for other sections of this blog that have been pretty much neglected since beginning. Especially the opinion/ranting section, where I was supposed to bring random topics to discuss about.

Recently I got highly interested in watercolors, so in between resting, I’ve been studying the basics of that art medium, and each day I find myself more and more invested into drawing random things just to relieve my stress and worries. Now I’m planning to occasionally film and publish my drawing processes on YouTube with narrations on many topics I would love to rant about (and in order to justify the ranting part of my blog title, duh!)

Again, I might be swept away once more because of my mid-preparations for applying to masters program in journalism that I recently decided I’d like to pursue in order to make my life more diverse (lame excuse, I know), and soon I definitely will have to go on a 1-1.5 month hiatus in order to focus on taking IELTS exam for my application.

With all of that, I’m hoping to be able to complete all the drafts that have been stacking up on my WordPress (I have 8 right now…) in the nearest future, as well as figure out the most effective way of producing videos for my YouTube channel, and probably do a couple more ranting livestreams.

Anyways, I wrote this post just to announce you that I’ll temporarily disappear from reviewing radars, but instead, I’ll be focusing on a bunch of discussion posts, and what I want to hope for the most is to receive some feedback on what I’m writing, because, let’s be real, real honest, feedback (positive or negative) remains one of the key motivators for content creators to keep doing what they’re doing. And I probably can’t hide anymore that I’m pretty desperate for feedback on my content. Stable views are cool and stuff, but I’m lacking interaction (and that’s partially also my fault because I barely interact on my own blogging Twitter [will fix that soon]), and the fact that I have no one to discuss new releases with makes me question the whole point of sharing my opinions here.

I hope I’ll be back really soon with more energy to produce better content, and damn, I need to revive my bullet journal, because without persistent discipline I’m totally falling behind all my schedules.

Thanks for reading this long ass post. Bye~


2 thoughts on “I… fell into a writing slump.

  1. First of all, it really does happen. I mean slumps…guess every ‘creating-something’ person has to deal with it at some point of their ‘creative’ careers. Hope you will get over it soon enough! 😉 But don’t pressure yourself too much. Also, might be my random 5 cents but wanna still say it. How about not reviewing all the releases out there? How about dealing with only of those artists you personally like? I think K-pop is just too saturated with artists (and almost every day gives birth to another rookie idol or group) nowadays that keeping up with all of them might just burn you out fully and plus, in the process of doing it like a job, you’ll get practically none of enjoyment and fun in return…And weren’t these two your driving and motivating reasons/forces right from the start? 🙂

    P.S. Sorry for such a long comment. I’m ‘getting on your nerves’ even here (as if twitter wasn’t enough)…LOOOL


    1. Hi there! Thanks for the long comment, I appreciate time spent on writing it.

      Actually, I’ve been already very selective with releases I’m reviewing, and even more selective with what can go into full review, and what goes to AJR


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