[Rina’s List] Favorite K-pop YouTubers

In this era, YouTube has become an integral part of how we find new music to listen to and where we can hear out multiple opinions on it. At this point, becoming a K-pop YouTuber has turned into a trend, and it gets harder and harder to stand out among thousands of other fellow fans. Especially when you’re running a reaction channel. Sure, 6-7 years ago there were only few K-pop reactors on YouTube, but now the numbers have multiplied.

So here’s my list of recommended K-pop oriented YouTube channels you should definitely check out and probably even subscribe if you haven’t done that yet! YouTubers were selected based on how unique their content is, and will also include one channel that is not active anymore as of now, but the content was too good to not mention it.


Status: Inactive

MRJKPOP used to be my number one source of professional music reviewers long before such channels as Form of Therapy or ReacttotheK were established, and what makes him stand out a lot is that he was reviewing K-pop releases as a pop music producer, which, unfortunately, we can’t find now among K-pop reactors anymore, unless he decides to make a comeback, which I sadly doubt. MRJKPOP stopped uploading videos since last quarter of 2016 after he was dragged into a very nasty scandal which I will not mention here (but you can easily google/twitter search if you want), and, if we don’t take that aspect, it’s such a loss to a K-pop fandom that we can’t hear professional producer opinions anymore. Still, if you’re interested in what he thought of songs up until October’16 (Blackpink’s Stay), make sure to check out his reaction/reviews.


Status: Active

JREKML was one of the very first K-pop reactors on YouTube ever since K-pop started breaking out into international market, and also currently the only channel with over 1M subscribers out there, which is, before you start jumping onto possible hate bandwagon, all the result of JRE’s hard work for 7 years. I found JRE’s channel soon after establishment, and been keeping up with his reactions ever since. Yes, he may appear as typical reactor to you, but to me he is one of the sources of underrated songs I used to find thanks to his reaction videos. Not just he only does reaction videos, he also talks a lot about artists featured in his reaction videos, and does a lot of other kind of videos and vlogs, which is always fun to watch.

ReacttotheK – Classical Musicians React

Status: Active

With the disappearance of MRJKPOP, to the rescue comes ReacttotheK. Although the way Umu and her CMR team reviews music is completely different from MRJ, hearing their opinions from the point of view of classical musicians is not less interesting. Although, I’ll be very honest (and I’m sorry to Umu for saying it out loud now), the downside of this point of view is that you won’t be able to hear opinions on classically made pop songs (which was MRJKPOP’s strongest point, I’d say). This channel is targeted to find complex songs judged from the perspective of a classical musician, which is totally different from pop musicians, hence, excludes a whole bunch of repetitive bops lots of us love. But still, with the help of Umu’s channel I’m able to sort out some of my music preferences as well as even find songs I could recommend for reacting.

Form Of Therapy

Status: Active

If ReacttotheK is focused on musical aspect of K-pop songs, then Form Of Therapy is the channel you should check out if you wanna know opinions on videography of music videos. Not that PD doesn’t know anything about music (he still gives out his two cents on music he’s reacting to), but his reviews are more focused on visual sequence as he’s a professional video producer. He can point out things you might not notice when you watched the MV for the first time. And sometimes he can be so immersed in the sound he’s hearing that he’d forget about the music video. Well, happens.

Dream Yume Entertainment

Status: Active

Dream Yume Entertainment is another K-pop channel you should add to your “to watch” list if you’re thirsty for musician’s review of the songs. Again, his position as a reactor is different from MRJKPOP and ReacttotheK, so I’d personally recommend to check reactions to songs that feature any rock or guitar elements (reason why I attached Clap review, lol).

Mr. Okay

Mr. Okay is one of my recent discoveries, and I’m absolutely not regretting subscribing to his channel. He’s the YouTuber that reacts and reviews dance routins of K-pop songs, and gives his opinion as a dancer, so you’re surely getting some quality content from this channel. He will point out some dance details you wouldn’t have figured out before, and also it’s really interesting to hear his perspective on K-pop choreographies.


A K-pop channel run by a Korean? Oh, yes, PLEASE. GoToe is the channel you should definitely follow if you want an opinion from number one K-pop consumers a.k.a. Korean audience. Aside from getting an inside view on K-pop songs, you’ll also subscribing to a bunch of silly dance covers by GoToe, which are my personal favorites and the main reason I clicked that “Subscribe” button on his channel. When he’s not being a K-pop multifandom stan, he’s a pharmacist who can lecture you on many medical things you should know. Overall, a channel worth subscribing to.


Looking for awesome piano covers of your favorite K-pop songs? DooPiano is here to provide you a bunch of high quality piano versions in the shortest time possible! I made a whole separate playlist of my favorite DooPiano covers that I listen to from time to time while focusing on other tasks, and never have I been more satisfied with piano covers as with DooPiano.

Some of my honorable mentions include: Josh Binder, who usually talks a lot about MV possible theories; DareDB, who does a bunch of nice K-pop lists, both based on his opinions and viewers votes; DKDKTV, another Korean duo that gives you inside view on everything K-pop and Korean culture in general; HEXA6ON, who’s your No.1 source of line distributions, 3D versions and other kind of videos for K-pop songs; Kpop Time GAMES, a channel providing you a bunch of K-pop challenges you can try to test your knowledge; and K-Ville Entertainment, a K-pop charts channel of all kinds and tastes, you just need to find what suits yours!

What are other channels you can recommend to people who want to grasp most of K-pop world?


One thought on “[Rina’s List] Favorite K-pop YouTubers

  1. The only people I subscribe to is those that make me laugh ha
    But I kinda wanna follow gotoe, or the guy who’s been on for 7 years.
    I purposely avoided his reactions because hes so popular. I should give everyone a chance Haha


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