Comeback from hiatus + Favorite releases of summer 2018!

Well hello, fellow k-pop fans!

It’s truly been a while since my last blog entry. Like I announced on Twitter, I took a break to focus on exams I had to take in order to prepare my application documents for Masters program. Unfortunately, I didn’t get enough scores, so I’m gonna take another one in two more weeks, but since it’s less pressuring for me, I thought that it’s perfect time to slowly come back to blogging. I feel more energetic (guess the pun) than before, and so I’m ready to strike again with reviews and discussion posts!

But first of all, let me just thank you all for staying with me. Even during my 2-month hiatus, my visit stats have remained stable, and this was the biggest surprise. Usually all your traffic comes from the frequency of new content, and seeing how the number of views on my pages stays relevant throughout my break makes me want to work even harder on all the future content. Thank you very, very much. I highly appreciate all of your support.


Now, onto revealing my short list.
Obviously, it will be impossible for me to review every single release that I’ve missed, so instead, I’ll be doing a quick list of new songs I loved so much I destroyed the replay button (hahahahaha). Mostly I listened to title tracks of all releases, the only exceptions when I took time to listen to the rest of the album were Leo, Sunmi, Jeong Sewoon, iKON, Oh My Girl, LOONA and Dreamcatcher’s minis. I chose 13 tracks (10 title and 3 b-sides) for this quick list, as 13 is my lucky number. All songs are listed in release order.

  • Jeong Sewoon – 20 something

I’ve mentioned numerous times that I love, love, love retro sounds, and this bluesy track was a hit for me.

  • SF9 – Now or Never

SF9 has been on a very nice strike, releasing bops after bops. Now Or Never is totally different from Latin-influenced O Sole Mio and Mamma Mia!, but it still was a very strong comeback that, as I can see (correct me if I’m wrong), has gained more attention to the group.

  • Leo (VIXX) – Touch & Sketch

I was really looking forward to Leo’s solo, but I never imagined his mini album Canvas would be this good. And guess what, one of my ultimate favorite K-pop albums carries the same name. The subtle sexiness of the song is always so appealing to me, but there’s that one specific B-side track that just took me over by a storm…

  • Leo (VIXX) – Nowadays

…and that B-side track is Nowadays. I rarely get into ballad tracks in general, but this one won me over within the first listen. Probably it happened because I was able to understand the lyrics message even without seeing the full translation. I swear to the stars, my eyes got extremely teary when I listened to this song. It’s so emotionally raw.

  • iKON – Killing Me

I would honestly say that I liked Killing Me much more than Love Scenario, although I won’t deny that at first I was jamming hard to iKON’s first 2018 release. Usually I don’t listen to hip-hop oriented groups, with iKON changing their music direction, I found the new songs more appealing. Also, this is rare when I like a whole album from hip-hop influenced groups.


Usually I don’t like these kind of songs (and by that I’m more referring to lyrics), but probably because it suited summer so well, I couldn’t help but slowly jam to it. Those falcettos got me sold.

  • BTS – Idol

For the first time I’m digging a BTS song so much that I literally have nothing to complain about. Even the brass sound doesn’t annoy me after some time like how it happened with both Dope and Fire. Truly a magnificent comeback from BTS, although I’m sure a lot of people still appreciate their darker music. Idol totally clicked with me. Loved it to the core.

  • Sunmi – Siren

Sunmi as a soloist always released a good music. There is no comeback that I didn’t love. Siren is as phenomenal as Gashina and Heroine are, but it’s the rest of her Warning mini-album that made me realize that this is, so far, Sunmi’s best comeback.

  • Sunmi – Black Pearl

This song got me million times fucked up. I love EVERYTHING about this track. That bluesy sound, that soprano saxophone – I will NEVER get over it. More of these sounds, please!

  • Oh My Girl – Remember Me

Hello new sound from one of my favorite third generation girl groups! Hallelujah to Binnie slaying this comeback! It still kept that fantasy vibe OMG always had in their songs, but Remember Me surely stands out among their other songs.

  • Dreamcatcher – What?

Goodbye to nightmares, and hello to lucid dreams from Dreamcatcher, another of my third generation faves. This comeback is still in its significant rock genre, but instead of neo-symphonic crossover the girls had with their first 4 comebacks, this one goes more into alternative sound that immediately gives me Evanescence vibes. What’s most interesting is that the rest of their mini-album doesn’t go rock at all, like how their previous EPs were. I like that the girls can prove people their diversity in music styles.

  • Dreamcatcher – 7th July

Guess what. I ended up heavily falling in love with reggae tones. Probably this is the year when I appreciate calmer sounds much more than heavy beats and dubstep breaks. 7th July is such a chill song. Also Handong here SLAYED.

  • Roy Kim – The Hardest Part

What is my list without one of my favorite boys and the sweetest vocals? Roy Kim made his second comeback in 2018, and boy, what is this pattern of ultimately painful and sad songsssss? Is this 2015 again? 🙂 But honestly, his VOCALS. My anxiety remedy. I love him so much, please send help.

Which of August-September releases were your favorite? Let me know in the comment section here, and don’t forget to share on social platforms! I’m planning to focus on establishing a sturdy base that can both bring me lots of joy as well as feed me as time goes! I’m still setting up some additional supporting platforms, so right now spreading the word about my blog and the content I release is the best way to show your love~


2 thoughts on “Comeback from hiatus + Favorite releases of summer 2018!

  1. There were SO MANY amazing releases this summer it’s insane! Jeong Sewoon did great as always, and I totally digged iKon and SF9’s new songs (didn’t listen to the full albums yet though oops). I’m happy both groups are finally getting more recognition. I listened to Touch & Sketch once but I really liked it. I don’t know why I never ended up listening to the entire album. Thanks for reminding me! I haven’t been a huge fan of BTS’ stuff as of late, but Idol was AMAZING!! It was really fun, I loved the lyrics and message, and I loved the incorporation of Korean instruments. Sunmi has been slaying me lately. I’ve only listened to Gashina, Siren, and Heroine (Heroine I sadly didn’t like, but I loved the other two). I’ve been meaning to check out Dreamcatcher!! They look like a group with an interesting concept and sound. Glad to see you back for now 😀


    1. This summer drove me NUTS that I had to take a break because I wouldn’t be able to keep with neither all releases nor quality reviews ^^;;;;;
      Definitely give a listen to everything you wanted to listen to! It’s totally worth it~

      Liked by 1 person

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