18 K-pop songs that made my 2018

Well, hello there.

My end of the year has been pretty messy, and it affected my plans for a proper reboot very severely, I’d say. Nonetheless, I have made some major changes to this blog (which I’ll talk about in details in my future posts), but for now – let’s do some rankings!

Unfortunately, I couldn’t keep up with all releases for the second half of 2018, so my list is pretty much very biased towards acts I know from long before, and there are barely any new (as of, I’ve never talked about them) names. Usually I’d do rankings month by month, but somehow most of this year’s releases didn’t leave a deep impression on me, so instead of a long list I’ll be talking about 18 songs that made my 2018.

18. Oh My Girl – Secret Garden
OH MY GIRL have been serving bops after bops after bops. Even if at first I’d find their songs a little bit weird to listen to, I’ll eventually end up loving it (that happened to Coloring Book). But as someone who was introduced to the group through Closer, to read news that the girls were about to release another song with similar theme was beyond my excitement. The arrangement of Secret Garden was wonderful and magical. The bridge and the post-chorus still give me major chills.

17. Seventeen – MOONWALKER
SEVENTEEN is the group that I knew about for a while, but only had the chance to check the discography now. There’s for sure a distinctive sound that makes you think, “Oh. This is definitely Seventeen”, and the 5th EP “You Made My Day” also falls under that description. As much as I enjoyed the title track Oh My!, it’s their b-sides that always shine more for me. The performance unit song MOONWALKER was everything I wanted in a certified bop for my playlist.

16. BTS – Idol
Well, hello, hello to the group I almost never talked about because their music wasn’t my style much. You could take a guess that I’m not the biggest fan of their “deeper” songs (like, don’t @ me, but I still don’t understand what’s so outstanding about BST). K-pop always needed that one mega-hype song per year, and for me, IDOL served that.

15. Yubin – Thank you soooo much
I loved Yubin’s debut song Lady, and I was overly excited to see her comeback this year. Thank You Soooo Much slaps in my face, and I’m literally obsessed with both the sound and the MV.

14. Chungha – Roller Coaster
I never had a chance to observe her during Produce 101 or I.O.I. days, but this comeback is her best one for 2018. Although I remember falling even harder for the b-side track Bad Boy, I think I played this one much more frequently solidly because of the dance aesthetics.

13. CLC – Black Dress
CLC are still underrated in 2018, although I can say that Black Dress brought them a lot more fans compared to Hobgoblin, which is of the similar, girl crush concept (I still love Pepe the most, duh!). And although I really appreciate the versatility of their music spectrum, luck doesn’t properly click with the ladies whenever they do anything brighter (High Heels) or smoother (Where Are You). I still chose this over my other favorite B-side Distance because of the frequency this song was played on my Spotify.

12. Minseo – Zero
Now let’s talk the real underrated. Minseo. The girl who initially was trained to become a GFRIEND member, but debuted later as soloist just because idol style wasn’t absolutely hers. And although I was absolutely knocked out with her Is Who, I think Zero, with its grandiose sound and her vocals, deserves the spot on this list a bit more.
I’m still mad all of her songs sans The Grand Dreams are not available on Spotify for my region.

11. EXO – Tempo
Click the Like button if you’re the fellow #TeamTempo!
Yeah, I can totally tell how people are more in love with Love Shot, but somehow the smooth R&B-ish songs that specifically come from EXO don’t work well with my preferences, and so… #TeamTempo >:D Although I would say the sound of the squeaking bed bothers me when I listen with my earbuds on high volume ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

10. Dreamcatcher – Mayday
Absolute. LOVE. Nightmare: Escape the ERA is not on my top list of best albums of 2018, but this song blew me away. I had a hard time choosing between this one and the three most favorite songs from Alone In the City EP. Picked because I played it the most, and it gets me on chills heavier.

9. Onew – Voice
Haunting. This words describes the effect Onew’s solo had on me after the first listen. I’ve never had doubted that SHINee’s leader would deliver a song that heavily relays on his unique vocals. I loved his voice ever since I became a Shawol back in 2013.

8. BoA – One Shot, Two Shot
Remember that I was skeptical about this song upon its release?
Forget all the bullshit that I’ve said, this song is a freaking BOP. BoA delivers vocals, BoA delivers ONE OF THE BEST dance routines I’ve seen so far, BoA delivers LEGENDARY.

7. Eric Nam – Honestly
Soloists have been rocking this god damn year! From Chungha, to BoA, to Roy Kim (sorry, my dear, but I couldn’t find a spot for you on my top list ㅠㅠ), and now Eric Nam. Honestly is an amazing album, and all songs in there are certified bops. I love Eric, can’t you tell?

6. fromis_9 – Love Bomb
I had to choose between DKDK and this. Love Bomb won because it crushed my reality when I first heard it. This song is everything I ever needed in a quirky pop song. Just… just listen.

5. LOOΠΔ yyxy – frozen
Hands down the best LOOΠΔ song of this year for me. I wasn’t really supportive of love4eva or anything from ++ EP, but this… THIS. Another amazing track to add to my “Fantasy vibes” playlist (one day I’ll publish that playlist. One day.)

4. EXID – I Love You
Guess how many times I played this song in a span of five weeks?
I’d say at least 100. I play this several times a day. It’s just soooo addictive, both the song and the dance. And the fact that this song doesn’t repeat the instrumental in verses makes this whole comeback the freshest cherry on top you’d ever ask for.
I love you like~ la la la la la la~

3. NU’EST W – Dejavu
I bet you’ve been asking this whole post already, “WHERE IS YOUR TOP BIAS GROUP???”
Here they are, on the third place.
It wasn’t really of a super hard choice between this and Help Me (or, more likely, L.I.E.), simply because the sound of this song is unique and heavily stands out from more upbeat releases.
Don’t you lie to me that this slap bass didn’t make your heart go “BA BUMP”.

2. SHINee – Good Evening
Reason number one why Dejavu didn’t claim its well deserved throne of the best 2018 release. SHINee and their never dying legacy. This whole trilogy made me undergo a roller coaster of all possible emotions, and Good Evening is when I’m at the highest peak of the ride, ready to go straight down to the ground.
I still love SHINee.

1. Sunmi – Black Pearl
DRUM ROLL PLEASE. I present you reason number two: the song that made my 2018 in all ways possible and impossible.
Goddess Sunmi. She delivered a very musical-esque Heroine, and claimed my top best female soloists with Siren. But Black Pearl just comes from another world, and oh my god, you should have seen me being horrifically slain by that sudden soprano sax.

Honorable mentions (in no particular order):
Roy Kim – Only Then, TVXQ! – Truth, Chungha – Bad Boy, Sunmi – Heroine, Sunmi – Siren, Sunmi – Addict, NU’EST W – Shadow, NU’EST W – L.I.E., NU’EST W – You & I (Ren solo), Jonghyun – Sentimental, fromis_9 – DKDK, Jeong Sewoon – 20 something, CLC – Distance, Dreamcatcher – What, Dreamcatcher – 7th July, gugudan – The Boots, Seventeen – Thanks, Seventeen – What’s Good, Yang Yoseob – Where I am Gone, BoA – Recollection, WJSN – Save Me, Save You, MAMAMOO – Starry Night, Jung Ilhoon – She’s Gone, April – Oh! My Mistake, UNB – Feeling, Uni.T – No More, Uni.T – I Mean, SHINee – Our Page, ONF – Complete, Blackpink – Ddu Du Ddu Du, BTOB – Beautiful Pain, Seungri – 1! 2! 3!, Leo – Touch & Sketch, GOT7 – Miracle, Key – One of Those Nights

So, how was your 2018? Any releases that got you have the deepest and most honest “wow”? Let’s share!


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