Officially coming back from hiatus + changes

It’s… been a while.

I’ve been trying to figure out how to make the reboot work the best for me, and it took me almost half a year and a couple of photoshop attempts to realize that I was probably trying to achieve the impossible, and that I didn’t have a clear image of what I wanted my blogging platform to be. So I took a longer break than I expected, and the anxiety that creeped in after that only delayed my return to blogging sphere even more.

But as time passed by, and as the start date of applications for my desired Masters program approaches, I realized that I can’t hide in my mental cocoon for any longer if I was aiming for big changes in my life. I’m forcing myself to think that things won’t get done themselves if I don’t put effort into it. But it’s not easy to gain courage when your mind is so full of fears, and doubts, and insecurities, and basically your whole self lacks basic confidence.

At the same time, if I don’t take actions right now, I may end up being stuck where I am right now for even longer than just a year. So here is the new start of Ranting Rina. What is going to change with the new layout, name (from Rina’s Ranting Blog), and possibly format?

Here’s what’s new on Ranting Rina from now on:


Even when I just started off as Rina’s Ranting Blog, I felt that the name was getting too long, and that there will come the time when the change to something more laconic was inevitable, and, as you can see, it happened during the hiatus. I bought the domain, and that’s when my brain agreed that this is going to be THE nickname that will stick to me for a while. Although I have to say that I still prefer to have full English unofficial name Liliana mentioned somewhere, but I guess it’s not tailored well for social media where easily memorable names are at preference. So, I guess I’ll leave it until I can legally change my name. But as of now, this blog’s name is Ranting Rina.

Logo & Layout

Following the name change, of course I had to think of the new visual for my little blogging space. There was one other layout happening in the middle of the hiatus, and I even tried writing a couple of posts with it (I must say that I even paid a commission to have the new logo incorporated into YouTube video intro, which I eventually never got to use because I haven’t uploaded any videos), but eventually it came to my mind that I did not want to have any color aside from monochrome in my logo. Having the front image in black and white was the perfect portrayal of my love with rather simple things, but then I had to ask where do I incorporate that tiny bit of uniqueness I always want to have hidden in between the simplicity. And so, the yellow (which is my most favorite color) solid background was chosen. I don’t think I’ve ever felt SO satisfied with the blog layout ever since I started blogging back in 2009. I also really like the part where I can customize the existing logo with decorations according to upcoming seasons (so you might see garlands around Christmas time and a cherry flower during Lunar New Year/cherry blossom season!). It gives the exact representation of me loving things simple, but unique in a very subtle way.


I don’t think there will be extreme changes to how I write my blog posts here. This way of story telling goes well with me for the relaxing, non-review posts, while more strict format will remain with my reviews and other informative posts.

However, I will be fully removing individual K-pop release reviews, and instead, do a weekly recap of new songs. In case I find an album or a topic surrounding artist/song that I feel worthy of getting a separate post, then it will be posted as an independent article. With how many more type of content I want to cover in my blog, spending too much time on one specific topic isn’t going to profit me mentally or physically.

I will definitely try separating my articles by sub titles as you see now in this one, as I realized they help extremely well in long posts. Also I will try attaching more visual content to match with the text I’m writing, and I’ll definitely put effort so that most of those images were taken by me.

I want to also challenge myself in making short YouTube videos, something not longer than 6-7 minutes, that would include bits of my daily life, my creative process, or anything else that both you and I find interesting to cover.

Blogging schedule

Right now I’m still figuring out my most optimal timetable to do things without conflicting times, but so far I’m sticking to having videos uploaded on Thursdays (probably every other Thursday to begin with, so I can get used to the format of vlogging), and have blog posts up on Wednesdays and Sundays, with Sundays being dedicated to K-pop weekly reviews, and Wednesdays to all other type of posts. If it works perfectly in pair with my daily chores, then I’ll continue sticking to it, if not – I’m going to figure out as I go.


I want to be honest with my readers, so I’ll say right off the bat that I have a Patreon page in process of making, so the second I feel I’ve built enough base and an affordable updating schedule both on my blog and YouTube, I’ll launch it, and it’s going to be my main support page for the time being.

Well, that’s a wrap for today’s update post! Please cast your vote here on my Twitter on what I should write about after this post goes on air. See you soon!


P.S. And no, no video this week yet.

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