Weekly K-pop recap: June 3-9, 2019

There’s no end to new K-pop releases, and with such big amount of new content incoming every single day, it’s hard to keep up with them without eventually feeling emotionally drained. And if you’re ever a writer of reviews, you can probably relate to those times when you just don’t feel like reviewing anything because you got so overwhelmed with new songs to check out. And that’s why I’m changing from having two review sections for K-pop to writing only one, but hopefully more effective than those before.

So in this week’s K-pop recap we have: Sandeul of B1A4, WJSN, fromis_9 and Teen Top.

Just a quick mention: all the releases I mention here are listed in the Wikipedia article which I use as my database of all new albums/singles.

Sandeul – One Fine Day

I’m not very familiar with B1A4 or Sandeul’s solo work in general, but from those few collaboration stages I heard (mainly the one from “Girl Spirit” where OH MY GIRL’s Seunghee was competing in), Sandeul is considered one of the very versatile vocalists of 3rd generation of idols, as he brings a spectrum of emotions depending on what kind of songs he’s singing.

I happen to be very picky with ballads, and unfortunately, this release falls into the category of “classic Korean ballads” that I don’t enjoy personally. Sandeul sounds a bit “flat” in emotions to me, and One Fine Day ends up being a quickly forgettable piece. 3/10

WJSN – Boogie up

WJSN seems to be continuously jumping between fantasy concepts and more traditional trending pop sounds, which doesn’t necessarily hurt, but Boogie Up gives me major 2016 trendy tropical house flashbacks (I can’t be the only person thinking about how heavily it reminds me of f(x)’s All Mine, eh?), and you already know by this point how much resentment I have with anything tropical house. Okay, maybe not dramatically resentment, but it gets a heavy “meh” from me for sure, especially the chorus part. But hey! It fits summer time, so let’s have that summer fun! 3/10

fromis_9 – FUN!

fromis_9, on the other hand, continues that funky, somewhere experimental lineup of their discography with another addictive release named FUN!, and it’s truly nothing but FUN. Although I have to admit, it already gets me dizzy after only a couple of listens, but that’s mainly because I’m also picky with songs that have repetitive hooks, and about that – I still lean more towards their previous hit LOVE BOMBThe choreography for FUN!, on the other hand, is so interesting (and I can already imagine how physically demanding it is from the dance practice video @_@)! Also I’m adoring the commercial parodies, that was really refreshing. 7/10

Teen Top – Run Away

Anyone else remember the times Teen Top were actually extremely popular? Like, on par with many groups of 2nd generation? I don’t clearly remember what made them go downfall except for L.Joe controversy, because they used to have so many catchy popular songs. And I feel that they’re belatedly trying on the musical genres that have been in the market for a good while, and that makes them really hard to break through, because we already heard so many tropical house songs (exactly how many times I’m going to use tropical house in this single post?), and almost ALL kind of tropical house has been done before Teen Top by numerous artists, including Winner, KARD, etc. It’s sad watching this downfall. And it’s not getting better since apparently TOP Media also stopped caring about them much. 3/10

Overall thoughts:

This week was “poor” in terms of how many new releases we’ve gotten, but even quality-wise I still can’t say that it was a memorable week in K-pop. Although we are clearly seeing the slow but steady rise of rookie groups to their mid-tire status (mainly fromis_9), it’s still early to state whether they get to continue that rise, or there will be incoming comebacks that can overshadow them. But so far I’m satisfied with the rise of 4th generation girl groups.

And that’s a wrap! See you next week~


4 thoughts on “Weekly K-pop recap: June 3-9, 2019

  1. I keep getting that sandeul confused with sunyoul from up10tion LOL i keep forgetting they are completely different names and people hehe
    I’m a huge fan of wjsn, but i didn’t even finish the song all the way through. I will be trying to watch the whole video or at least a full vid of the live performance but really, it was so boring.
    They were so good with their last two comebacks. What’s funny is that they won their first comeback showcase with this song, so I guess I do not have similar taste to koreans haha
    also I didn’t really like the Fun song from fromis9 but i liked their old stuff. I will have to really listen to the song again because i didn’t really even try to listen lol

    Yeah, there were a few teen top songs i enjoyed. it’s sad that they are going downhill isn’t it?
    See you later! P.S, love your signature!!!


    1. I really love WJSN’s fantasy concepts, considering their group name means “Cosmic Girls”, I think it would’ve been a better strategic move for Starship to push that fantasy concept, but on the other hand I still think going a bit sideways from time to time like they did with Happy and Boogie Up is a good way of showing people you can do more than one concept, but I wish Starship chose better producers for them when they do odd concepts.
      fromis_9 let me down this time with their title track in some way, but I’m still giving them kudos because FUN! still fits into their establishing sound. It just didn’t really fit my taste.
      Teen Top used to have SO MANY bops, what even happened…
      /and thanks for loving the signature! I adore it, too!/

      Liked by 1 person

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