Weekly K-pop recap: June 10-16, 2019

Another week has passed, and even more K-pop releases came our way. It’s such a never ending cycle. Some of them may stay in your playlist, and for others… you might have to click that “skip” button. Tell you what – that is completely okay to not like a song. When it comes to music, there’s no definition to the “right” or “wrong” preference.

Let’s take a look at the new songs from this week? We have releases from Ateez, TVXQ’s Yunho, Noir, Ong Seongwu and Jeon Somi.


Ateez came back with their third EP, and a double title track, Wave and Illusion. First one follows the overused tropical house trend, which sounds like a thoroughly produced track which doesn’t annoy your ears on the first listen, but nothing about it is a surprise to me personally. Sure it’s a nice addition to their building discography, and there’s nothing bad about feeling the summer vibes; it’s just not for me anymore. Illusion adds the hip-hop flavor to a nicely shaped EDM track, but I never was a big fan of that synth drum, so this song is also passing past my playlist. I don’t know, maybe I’m way too picky with boy group releases. Wave – 5/10, Illusion – 6/10

Yunho of TVXQ

When it’s TVXQ, it means no low quality release is allowed to be out under their brand name. Yunho‘s solo debut exactly follows that unspoken rule. It has so many old school electronic pop influences, I feel heavily nostalgic. It sounds a lot like earlier TVXQ music before the retro infusion, but I also think this could’ve also served as BoA’s song, the style is very similar to each other. 7/10


There are so many rookie groups nowadays, I find it almost impossible to keep up with every single one. This is my first time hearing Noir, and I end up understanding why I find it so hard to review music from lesser known artists in more enthusiastic way: either their music doesn’t match the timing (like, in this case, it’s dubstep which used to be mainstream back in 2013-2014), or their music is going overly used genre (like many songs going tropical house). And also I feel like producers don’t want to risk with music experimentation when writing songs for boy groups; it all eventually blend together into one for me, and I barely can name artists that leave deeper impression and remain on my library aside from those I’ve been listening to for a good while (e.g. SHINee, SuJu, TVXQ, NU’EST, BTS, BTOB). 4/10

Ong Seongwu

I’m not sure if I can call this his official debut, considering it’s the commercial collaboration with Pepsi, but yay to my Produce 101 season 2 first pick finally releasing his solo music! As much as I’m so excited for Ong’s debut, I can’t help but feel underwhelmed at the song itself. Produced by the same Flow Blow team, Heart Sign sounds almost like a dupe of Wanna One‘s Energetic (which, ironically, Ong used to be a part of). I don’t know whether this was intentionally written like that, but for me, Energetic still sounds more wholesome than Heart Sign. But it’s so nice to hear Seongwu’s refreshing vocals for longer than 10 seconds. He effortlessly fits into these kind of songs, but I’ll be honest, his vocals are capable of much more, and so I really hope that for his actual promotional debut Fantagio will bring up a song of different genre that could perfectly match his capabilities. 6/10

Jeon Somi

This song. It just so unapologetically screams “produced by Teddy”. Also it’s heavily westernized and reminds me A LOT of Miley Cyrus; even visually Somi in few scenes resembles Miley. Even after a dozen of listens, despite really loving the “Oops, you’re not invited, yeah, you’re not invited” hook, I can’t bring myself to fully enjoy the song. And it’s not because the song is bad, it just doesn’t match my current music preferences (for your record, I started in K-pop as a BlackJack [2NE1 fandom], so I used to like heavily westernized music a lot before digging deeper into the genre). But Birthday perfectly fits Somi‘s youthful spirit, so, I’ll give Teddy a credit for that. And with this song, it’s obvious why Somi decided to leave JYP with commentary of not matching music preferences. JYP never produces this kind of music under their label. 5/10

Any of the last week releases that has caught your ear? Let me know in the comment section below!

I’m still trying to figure out the perfect release schedule for both my blog posts and YouTube videos, while battling real life problems, so please forgive me this temporary timing instability.

See you next time!



2 thoughts on “Weekly K-pop recap: June 10-16, 2019

  1. i thought that somi’s debut was great. the song isn’t my favorite (now i know why, it’s heavily westernized lol) but i do think it showed her versatility and showed promise). i also didn’t love ateez’s comeback that much, sadly, as i love them as a group but it wasn’t bad!


    1. It was great for her and her specific styling, it’s just the thing that I don’t really like this music anymore. Saying this as ex-Blackjack 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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