Weekly recap: June 17-23

Hi everyone!

Another week has passed, and oh wow, it IS hectic on K-pop market! It’s getting harder to keep up with most releases, that I don’t know whether I should be a bit more selective with releases I review on these weekly recaps or not. I don’t think I can pull out a post of my impression to 6+ songs, so, in case it gets even more hectic, I probably will have to be picky with what I write about on my platform.

Also I figured out that publishing a review on weekend doesn’t work with me at all, because I want to be busy with preparing the visual aspect of my blog/YouTube channel, and it’s impossible to film/take pictures for 4-5 hours straight and then sit down and write a 3000 word long review that could end up being insincere. So from now on, all Weekly recaps will be published on Mondays instead of Sundays.

Now, back to reviewing, this recap features releases from: Leo of VIXX, SF9Yesung of Super Junior, and Red Velvet. I’m intentionally skipping reviewing Stray Kids because their music is completely out of my style, and I can’t judge it in a neutral way, sorry to all Stays out there.

Leo (VIXX)

Leo’s first official comeback followed that mysterious vibe from his solo debut Touch & Sketch, but, of course, executed with different sound. I feel that musically Romanticism continues that subtle storytelling from Leo’s portrayed character: the progression throughout the track goes rather smoothly compared to the dynamics of the debut. At first listen I was not really impressed, but if you connect it to Touch & Sketch, suddenly the whole musical style chosen here makes sense. Also visually the MV continues that red and yellow color theme with cool tones incorporated, but this time, the cool blue color pops in very boldly. Definitely going to check out the rest of the album, because last time Canvas left me almost speechless. 9/10


SF9 seems to be endlessly experimenting with their music. They’re slowly, but steadily raising in fandom size, considering one of the members being frequently involved in acting gigs, which, of course, brings a portion of spotlight to the group. I haven’t been closely following their music, but the way SF9 confidently challenges new genres while bringing their own style looks very impressive to me. Again, just like with Leo’s comeback, first listen didn’t go well for me, maybe because I’m not a big fan of futuristic kind of music, and maybe because I thought they’re being too risky constantly changing the sound. But giving it a second go was definitely worth it, although I stand by my choice of not eventually adding it to my library. But the job here is done quite well. 7/10

Yesung (Super Junior)

I swear to the skies, Yesung doesn’t seem to age at all. For the comeback, the Super Junior member decided to go retro, and honestly? I’m LIVING for it. You all know by now how much I love retro inspired sounds (recently I feel like I’ve fully fallen for jazz sounds, please send help). Pink Magic is so airy, so light, it makes me bounce my head to the beat. Again, Super Junior, altogether or individually, don’t disappoint. It’s not really a song I would listen to when I’m driving, but whenever I want to chill… yes, it goes to my “chill playlist”. 9/10

Red Velvet

There’s no end to SM’s experimentation with Red Velvet’s music. Every single comeback sounds weirder and weirder, and at this point I feel like SM’s got so obsessed with just giving the girls a crazy mashup of all the sounds existing in the world that they forgot about the overall quality of the song. By the point of writing this post, the Zimzalabim hook already got stuck in my head, but the rest of the song… I’m not digging it at all. It’s going all over the place, and honestly? My head hurts. Also, the styling… SM, please fire your stylist, they’re doing TERRIBLE job comeback after comeback. And please give RV something smoother. I really miss that smooth R&B Velvet side. 4/10

Stray Kids

Although I mentioned earlier in my post that I won’t be reviewing their comeback, I feel like I must clarify myself a bit: I, by no means, have any negative feelings towards the group itself or any of the members. I’ve been giving a listen to their title tracks, and it just happens that with every single listen I feel overwhelmed with their sounds, and I can’t bring myself to like their music. So no harsh feeling, just a total mismatch with my musical preferences that could allow me to review their songs. Of course, if they ever release a song that I’d find pleasing to my ears, I’ll definitely give my opinion. Thanks for understanding.

Well, that’s a wrap for today! How are you feeling, guys? Are you being Zimzalabim‘ed like I am in my head? ^^; Let me know what you think of last week’s releases down in the comment sections!

See you next time~


P.S. I may be unavailable to timely post neither Wednesday blog post, nor YouTube video for this week due to my packed schedule at my full-time job. I probably won’t be able to be online until Friday evening 😦 But we have June’s edition of V Heartbeat incoming (with the participation of my ultimate bias boy group NU’EST, and I’m hoping to be able to vlog about right after the end of my schedules 😉


2 thoughts on “Weekly recap: June 17-23

  1. i keep forgetting you got back into blogging haha i am behind on reading blogs so i’m here to catch up a bit. i listened to all of these title tracks you mentioned but not the actual albums yet. i completely agree with you on red velvet – they’re my favorite girl group but i feel like sm is doing wayyyy too much experimentation with their music (almost like nct but that’s actually working for them) whereas with red velvet i think they should step back and give them a somewhat normal comeback lol.

    i agree with sf9! i kept trying to figure out why i haven’t been able to stan them yet and i think they just haven’t properly found their sound yet? they have a lot of songs i like from them but nothing that really stands out. with leo and yesung i enjoyed their songs and thought they were great and can see myself liking the rest of the album 😀

    aw sad to hear about you and stray kids, as they’re in my top 5 boy groups, but i definitely understand. not all of their songs are my style either.


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