Weekly recap: June 24-30, 2019

Lots of things happen in a week: it could be a desert with barely 3 releases throughout days, or it could be 3 releases in a day for 3 days straight. Usually when second situation happens, I end up delaying my reviews, because a) I still can’t do time management; b) it takes time to absorb every single release and find out which one you can review on your platform.

Last week of June gave us new music from: Chungha, Purplebeck, (G)I-DLE, Sulli and Minhyuk of MONSTA X. Let’s check them out?


Chungha is undeniably the most successful out of 11 ex-I.O.I. members, with her immerse talent shown from the very fist episode of Mnet’s Produce 101 installation (that doesn’t mean that the other ex-members aren’t talented, don’t take it that way!), proven and polished with each new release. After incredible success of her previous single Gotta Go, the soloist takes a similar dark trope and releases Snapping, which, in my opinion, isn’t as mind blowing as previous comeback was, but definitely represents Chungha’s establishing style, combined with intense choreography and crystal clear vocals. Seems like the company figured out what works the best for their artist and tries to keep the direction. Let’s see if Chungha will continue with this sound or tries once again with tropical house, or, maybe even go in the new direction. 7/10


It’s extremely hard for any new groups – regardless of their gender – to catch the immediate response from public when there are already so many idols active in the market (and we all know how the ratio between successful and less lucky ones is dramatic). Purplebeck debuts with a mix of cuter/funky sound and dark/girl crush visuals, which works fine if reviewed as an independent subject, but I’m not sure if they’re able to impress the audience for a long period, long enough to have people interested in knowing what they’ll put out next. Personally I’m not fully on this board, but in case Purplebeck releases something more experimental, maybe I’ll pay some more attention. So far, only 7/10.


I love how Soyeon is never afraid of experimenting with sounds. This major throwback to 90s hip-hop music suddenly sounds so fresh again in 2019, but as someone who wasn’t a big fan of hip-hop even now, I find myself unable to add this comeback to my library, no matter how excellent I find this song and the mastermind production behind it. (G)I-DLE are definitely establishing themselves as a musical chameleon, with different genres among their songs, but visible individual style. If I compare it to Senorita, I can definitely say that I like Uh-Oh much more, but again, not enough to add it to my playlist. 7/10


I would be lying if I say Sulli’s departure from f(x) in 2015 didn’t affect me as a MeU. She used to be the main stan attractor in the group, and with her exclusion it felt like f(x) wouldn’t be able to sound the same without her husky voice. But I do understand how tough it was for her to withstand all the overwhelming criticism, and I don’t blame her for putting the group in such situation anymore (but hello, SM, I’m still looking at you). I honestly didn’t expect that she’ll put out solo music before we’ll ever get to see f(4) again together on stage. And I’m even more surprised to find myself absolutely loving Goblin, as well as one of her b-sides. It’s so f(x) style. It makes me miss the girls even more. This song reminds me of the group’s b-side track Shadow from 2013’s Pink Tape album. It’s light, it’s sort of creepy, and I also love the topic brought up in the song lyrics. Good job, Sulli. 10/10

Minhyuk (MONSTA X)

Listen. I love when idol group members experiment with genres and sounds whenever they release a solo song. Minhyuk of MONSTA X? Of the group known for grunge, dark sound full of heavy synths? To release trot + 90s electronic pop fusion? I’m LIVING for it. I love when people still take music very seriously while serving absolutely hideous visuals (watch the MV for sure!). Usually I give all my trophies to Super Junior on that execution, because they do it the best way possible, but I can’t not to enjoy this mixtape. It’s such a good quality, it’s impossible to deny. More of this, please! 9/10

Let me know in the comments section which of the releases impressed you, and which left you kind of “meh” feeling! There are so many different tastes and preferences, and it’s always interesting to know what attracted people to certain sounds.

I’ll try to post something that is not just weekly recaps of K-pop, so don’t go too far away!

See you,


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