Weekly Recap: July 1-7, 2019

July has started, yaaaay! Or… nay?

First half of 2019 already passed by, and anyone else think time is being mercilessly too fast on us? Like, I still haven’t recovered financially from April trip to South Korea, and damn! – it’s already July.

Anyways, back to the weekly recaps.

I don’t know about you, but I’m not being very impressed with the first week of July releases. Wanna know more? Then stay tune to find out what do I have to say about comebacks from: GFRIEND, Ailee, D.O. of EXO, and Younha.


Not gonna lie, not going to hide either. This is so far my biggest disappointment of 2019. GFRIEND, who bounced themselves out of the bottom by doing absolutely extraordinary music, fell into the mainstream tropical house trap. And like, I reeeeeally wish I could love this song, but that tropical drop after such an amazing chorus made me go nuts. Listen, it’s been almost 4 years! Tropical house trend needs to finally die already. Where’s the bouncy summer fun we used to get with so many amazing girl group releases? Why nowadays summer gets associated with such a boring and non-flexible thing as trop house? I wish I could love this comeback as much as I adore their previous ones, but that one specific drop makes me say “no” to adding it to my library. 5/10


Holy SHHHHㅡ. I totally did NOT expect this from diva Ailee. Her voice is proven to be quite versatile, but I never imagined her going full scale on girl crush concept (I mean, U&I, Don’t Touch Me, Mind Your Business, Home, etc. are technically also girl crush concepts, but the sound was still more pop, for which Ailee is quite known) and put a full trap banger. Vocal queen has left me SHOOKED. For someone who wasn’t traditionally trained, Ailee is a damn good dancer as well! I was a bit skeptical about this comeback at first, but then the song grew up on me. Not her best, but definitely not the worst either. 8/10


Second EXO member enlisting, and DAMN! Do they really need to temporarily say goodbye to us with such beautiful tracks??? *cries* I’ve always loved SM Station project, ever since it first launched, for the way it expanded all possible horizons, allowed unpredictable collaborations and craziest music experiments. And, of course, giving such soothing, simple songs in between all of that. D.O. wasn’t my favorite of EXO vocalists (I’ll be transparent, Chen is my vocal bias), but this song… this song did WONDERS. I’ll be listening to this on gloomy days when I need something comforting. Thanks, Kyungsoo. Serve well and stay healthy. 10/10


Younha has been on the outer lines of my music radar, but I do check her music from time to time. I learned of her thanks to her iconic collaboration with Epik High, and her voice is one of my favorites. I don’t know why I still haven’t gotten myself into fully checking out her earlier works. Be it a rock song or a more classic ballad, her vocals are so finely tailored, she always leaves me deeply impressed. I don’t think that I’ll be listening to On A Rainy Day that frequently because those kind of songs are rare guests on my playlist, but I’ll definitely be checking out her newest album that includes this track. 7/10

I specifically didn’t review any songs from Produce X 101, because I don’t watch the show, and have no interest in watching any further than the group evaluations episode where trainees covered NU’EST W songs. Heize’s release also falls behind my reviewing radar because I literally have nothing to say about her new track, and I don’t want to make my blog content boring by talking about things I can’t evaluate.

What have been your favorite releases from this week? If you have any “must-listen” B-sides from artists I reviewed today, let me know in the comments section, and I’ll definitely check them out!

Til next time,

2 thoughts on “Weekly Recap: July 1-7, 2019

  1. Heellooo!! Thank u!!! I felt the same woth gfriend… i was just silent and didnt even watch the whole music video. The lil twirl they do.. omg the dance is typical to me too. It makes me wanna go on a mass stream of their old songs cuz this one just doesnt do it for me!!!

    Gonna see the other songs! Thanks for sharing!


    1. I literally listened to the whole thing for the first time last when writing this recap. When I first heard it, I cut it off at that very first trop house drop. And yeah, the choreography seems underwhelming as well :/


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