Welcome to the Ranting Rina podcast!

The reason I decided to launch my own podcast is that this is an easier way for me to talk about things relevant to my life without knocking you off with a huge wall of text. Plus, it’s always better to imagine having a friend you can talk to while doing daily chores or driving, right? Well, now you won’t need to imagine much, just tune into my podcast, and I’ll do my best in entertaining you while giving out some good ass advice here and there.

Hence the motto of the podcast: Just rant it all out, baby!

Every tenth episode is going to be about YOU, and everything that you’re concerned about! Send out your messages into our Letter Box for me to read out on the podcast and answer whatever questions you’ll have! Click the image below to submit~


Listen to the Ranting Rina podcast on the following platforms:

  • Apple Music:
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  • YouTube:
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  • Anchor:

New episodes every Thursday at _____ !


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