Weekly Recap: July 1-7, 2019

July has started, yaaaay! Or… nay?

First half of 2019 already passed by, and anyone else think time is being mercilessly too fast on us? Like, I still haven’t recovered financially from April trip to South Korea, and damn! – it’s already July.

Anyways, back to the weekly recaps.

I don’t know about you, but I’m not being very impressed with the first week of July releases. Wanna know more? Then stay tune to find out what do I have to say about comebacks from: GFRIEND, Ailee, D.O. of EXO, and Younha.

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[아주 작은 REVIEW] Soyeon, Chungha, Seulgi, SinB / NU’EST W / Yuri (SNSD) / Super Junior

Erm… Hi.

Okay, probably I hurried a little bit with my “grande” return from hiatus, as some of my life issues hasn’t been solved yet, hence I still didn’t schedule up all my daily routine to stick to in order to keep up with daily chores and blogging. But I’ll get there soon! Really soon. Probably by the 1st anniversary of the blog. Pssst.

So, before I disappear again for god knows how many more days, let me do a quick review of some latest releases I enjoyed? Today I have a craaaazy collaboration from Station 0NU’EST W (who I’m apparently seeing in Bangkok super soon), Yuri of SNSD, and Super Junior.

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[아주 작은 REVIEW] MAMAMOO / Triple H / GFRIEND / Seungri (BIGBANG)

I’m so behind my blogging schedules >__< Having some drafts since probably beginning of this year is also not adding any coolness to it. I need to learn time-management, otherwise I will never have things done in time.

All the way back to our regular 아주 작은 REVIEW section (permission to now refer to it as AJR [aju jakeun review]?), here we have summer releases from MAMAMOO, Triple H, GFRIEND and Seungri of BIGBANG.

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[아주 작은 Review] GFriend / HALO / (G)I-DLE / Cross Gene

So! May is starting off very slowly, although we all are aware how many big names are about to strike the charts again (Crush is already on top of MelOn as I write this post), but nonetheless!

I took a short break from everything for a week due to family issues, and will soon take another one for my upcoming trip to Indonesia, where I’ll be attending NU’EST W concert Double You in Jakarta (which is a part of their Asian tour). I’ll try to compile a vlog of all of my movements there, so I’m looking forward to it as well (lol)

Back to 아주 작은 Review, today I have another quartet of artists to talk about: GFriend, HALO, (G)I-DLE and Cross Gene.

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