My 8 most favorite K-pop albums of 2018


After completing my Top 18 K-pop songs of 2018 list the other day, I thought that I can’t just leave out the album evaluations, and so, here’s my quick list of 8 most beloved albums of 2018. I must say, there are few EPs that impressed me more in its overall composition and completion than the included tracks on their own, so there will be titles you never saw coming because they weren’t on my mentioned Top 18 list.

Shall we dig in?

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[Rina’s List] 11 underrated female dance solos

Time to be brutally honest: female solos are usually being slept on much more frequently than male solos. This statement is not meant to hate on male solos (I stan 3 male soloists, did you even know that? Ha.), but in K-pop market females are having it harder when they go solo. Since they’re not a part of a group, there’s no option for choosing a bias: you either like this soloist, or not.

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[Rina’s List] Top songs of 2018 so far (1st half)

We’re already halfway into 2018! Time surely flies really fast.
Have you been enjoying the K-pop releases so far? I am for sure, as I can witness a stable transition from last year’s trendy sounds to new experimental music, and, of course, I’m enjoying every single bit of that movement. So how about we check out my personal lists for the first half of the year? ^__~

I’ll be doing two lists, one for title tracks, and one for B-sides, because we all know that in majority of situations B-sides become the main gems of album releases. Let’s go?

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[아주 작은 Review] VIXX / HA:TFELT / DJ Hyo / A’Pink

Last post for today, phew! Let me say it again: April is a crazy month for new releases. I feel like everyone’s trying to compensate for an occupied by Winter Olympics February month when all releases would eventually get buried under the nation following the sports. There’s still  one more week to go, but somehow I feel like it’s been an eternity since the month started, and all those new songs flooded in. I barely manage to keep up with every single one here.

So for today’s episode of 아주 작은 Review, I’m featuring releases from VIXX, HA:TFELT, DJ Hyo, and A’Pink.

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