My top-10 favorite K-pop releases of 2019 so far (1st half year edition)

Don’t you feel like 2019 is passing by way too fast? I think this goes to every single year when we’re not completely as productive as we wished us were, but oh well⁠—anyways, we’re already at the almost end of July, and I’m guilty of not only updating my platforms as often as I promised but also of how I haven’t given you my top-10 favorite releases from this year! So without further ado, let’s jump into my list.

Here, on the blog version, I’ll be giving out my list of 10 favorite releases that only feature title tracks⁠—however, I will soon post photos of a spread from my newly started k-pop journal containing 12 actual songs released in 2019 that I loved to the core (there’s not much of a difference, don’t worry!). Continue reading, because at the end I’m gonna have another major change announcement to my blog 😉

All songs are listed in no particular order.

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[아주 작은 REVIEW] Taeyeon / Kim Donghan / Minseo / MOMOLAND

It took a while for me to collect enough releases for a new issue of 아주 작은 Review. It’s because I’m very selective on releases I plan to rant about here, since I’m striving to have an interesting content on constant base, and let’s be honest, who would be impressed reading a dry review on the song you didn’t get hooked onto after listening?

Anyways, today’s belated edition features releases from Taeyeon, Kim Donghan, Minseo, and MOMOLAND. Songs from UNB and other artists will go to next issue of 아주 작은 Review~

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