My top-10 favorite K-pop releases of 2019 so far (1st half year edition)

Don’t you feel like 2019 is passing by way too fast? I think this goes to every single year when we’re not completely as productive as we wished us were, but oh well⁠—anyways, we’re already at the almost end of July, and I’m guilty of not only updating my platforms as often as I promised but also of how I haven’t given you my top-10 favorite releases from this year! So without further ado, let’s jump into my list.

Here, on the blog version, I’ll be giving out my list of 10 favorite releases that only feature title tracks⁠—however, I will soon post photos of a spread from my newly started k-pop journal containing 12 actual songs released in 2019 that I loved to the core (there’s not much of a difference, don’t worry!). Continue reading, because at the end I’m gonna have another major change announcement to my blog 😉

All songs are listed in no particular order.

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Review: NU’EST Happily ever after Epilogue behind book & NU’EST Road photo essay

For any K-pop fan out there, collecting official merchandise is no strange thing. It’s never obligatory because we all come from different backgrounds with different financial abilities, but it’s always nice to own an official item to show support to your favorite artist.

Today I’ll be doing a double review in double form – text and video – of my two most recent NU’EST related purchases. The video version is mostly made for the purpose of doing a quick flip-through, while this text version will give you a more in-depth opinion on the items. If you prefer the audio-visual format, scroll down for the YouTube video link, otherwise – keep reading~

Full shot of two NU'EST photobook items
NU’EST Happily Ever After Epilogue behind book (left) and NU’EST Road photo essay (right)

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My 8 most favorite K-pop albums of 2018


After completing my Top 18 K-pop songs of 2018 list the other day, I thought that I can’t just leave out the album evaluations, and so, here’s my quick list of 8 most beloved albums of 2018. I must say, there are few EPs that impressed me more in its overall composition and completion than the included tracks on their own, so there will be titles you never saw coming because they weren’t on my mentioned Top 18 list.

Shall we dig in?

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[아주 작은 REVIEW] Soyeon, Chungha, Seulgi, SinB / NU’EST W / Yuri (SNSD) / Super Junior

Erm… Hi.

Okay, probably I hurried a little bit with my “grande” return from hiatus, as some of my life issues hasn’t been solved yet, hence I still didn’t schedule up all my daily routine to stick to in order to keep up with daily chores and blogging. But I’ll get there soon! Really soon. Probably by the 1st anniversary of the blog. Pssst.

So, before I disappear again for god knows how many more days, let me do a quick review of some latest releases I enjoyed? Today I have a craaaazy collaboration from Station 0NU’EST W (who I’m apparently seeing in Bangkok super soon), Yuri of SNSD, and Super Junior.

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[B-side Treasures] NU’EST – R.L.T.L. (Real Love True Love) (One morning)

Like I’ve announced yesterday, from this week on, I’ll be having two fixed weekly sections of Rina’s Ranting Blog, one of which is called B-side Treasures, where I talk about non-title songs of K-pop artists that, in my opinion, should be more appreciated.

And guess what, my bias group is the main character of the pilot issue!

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[Rina’s List] Top songs of 2018 so far (1st half)

We’re already halfway into 2018! Time surely flies really fast.
Have you been enjoying the K-pop releases so far? I am for sure, as I can witness a stable transition from last year’s trendy sounds to new experimental music, and, of course, I’m enjoying every single bit of that movement. So how about we check out my personal lists for the first half of the year? ^__~

I’ll be doing two lists, one for title tracks, and one for B-sides, because we all know that in majority of situations B-sides become the main gems of album releases. Let’s go?

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[Review] NU’EST W – Dejavu (2nd mini album “WHO•YOU”)

8 months since the last release of W,Here EP with its big hit Where You At, NU’EST’s sub-unit NU’EST W are finally back with new mini-album called WHO•YOU, and it’s nothing but pure eargasm for me and for many fans and even non-fans. Challenging the Latin Pop genre for the very first time, the young men provide an absolutely different sound sugarcoated with their own sophisticating feeling. Let’s dig into this album, shall we?

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[Ranting] NU’EST Baekho acquitted of charges + full comeback preparations (thank you, Pledis!)

So! I know I’m 4 days later than I should’ve been, but I literally couldn’t find a proper time to write this post, plus I was busy re-designing the blog and spreading happiness on Twitter… but! I still think it’s worth expressing my thoughts on this.

I understand fully that the topic I’m about to mention is very sensitive, and I’m trying my best to choose the most neutral words to express my opinion, however, as I know that it’s impossible to please everyone with whatever going to be said, I apologize in advance to those readers who might not agree with my vision on the situation or will find it somewhat offensive. I’m willing to give proper explanations to whatever questionable sentences appearing in this post.

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[PLAYLIST] “우리둘만의 Party”

Welcome to Rina’s Ranting Blog Playlists.

Recently I started a separate notebook where I sort songs from my Apple Music into themed playlists. Considering that I have 700+ songs in collection, the sorting gets harder and harder, as most of the time I have to re-check lyrics or re-listen to songs to figure out which topics they suit.

This is my second playlist called, “우리둘만의 Party” (“Party for us two only”), which is dedicated to intimate or sensual moments between two significant halfs with building tensions. All songs selected are on an upbeat side, with a lot of R&B vibes, which perfectly suits the mood.


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A letter to NU’EST.

Hello, dear NU’EST members: Aron, JR, Baekho, Minhyun and Ren!
I hope you’re all healthy and enjoying your time preparing for new round of promotions in respective places.

It’s been less than a year since I’ve re-discovered you, and I’ve never felt so many things as a k-pop fan of 10 years as I did within those 10 months.

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