Weekly recap: June 17-23

Hi everyone!

Another week has passed, and oh wow, it IS hectic on K-pop market! It’s getting harder to keep up with most releases, that I don’t know whether I should be a bit more selective with releases I review on these weekly recaps or not. I don’t think I can pull out a post of my impression to 6+ songs, so, in case it gets even more hectic, I probably will have to be picky with what I write about on my platform.

Also I figured out that publishing a review on weekend doesn’t work with me at all, because I want to be busy with preparing the visual aspect of my blog/YouTube channel, and it’s impossible to film/take pictures for 4-5 hours straight and then sit down and write a 3000 word long review that could end up being insincere. So from now on, all Weekly recaps will be published on Mondays instead of Sundays.

Now, back to reviewing, this recap features releases from: Leo of VIXX, SF9Yesung of Super Junior, and Red Velvet. I’m intentionally skipping reviewing Stray Kids because their music is completely out of my style, and I can’t judge it in a neutral way, sorry to all Stays out there.

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[아주 작은 REVIEW] Soyeon, Chungha, Seulgi, SinB / NU’EST W / Yuri (SNSD) / Super Junior

Erm… Hi.

Okay, probably I hurried a little bit with my “grande” return from hiatus, as some of my life issues hasn’t been solved yet, hence I still didn’t schedule up all my daily routine to stick to in order to keep up with daily chores and blogging. But I’ll get there soon! Really soon. Probably by the 1st anniversary of the blog. Pssst.

So, before I disappear again for god knows how many more days, let me do a quick review of some latest releases I enjoyed? Today I have a craaaazy collaboration from Station 0NU’EST W (who I’m apparently seeing in Bangkok super soon), Yuri of SNSD, and Super Junior.

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[아주 작은 Review] UNI.T / N.Flying / K.Will / Moonbyul (ft. Seulgi)

Well, I’m still trying to catch up with all the releases I’ve missed out during my two-week hiatus. Artists releasing new stuff on top of that is not helping me much in completing that mission either. But I’m not here to complain, so let’s just go straight to 18th edition of 아주 작은 Review.

This edition features releases from UNI.TN.FlyingK.Will and Moonbyul of MAMAMOO.

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[PLAYLIST] “우리둘만의 Party”

Welcome to Rina’s Ranting Blog Playlists.

Recently I started a separate notebook where I sort songs from my Apple Music into themed playlists. Considering that I have 700+ songs in collection, the sorting gets harder and harder, as most of the time I have to re-check lyrics or re-listen to songs to figure out which topics they suit.

This is my second playlist called, “우리둘만의 Party” (“Party for us two only”), which is dedicated to intimate or sensual moments between two significant halfs with building tensions. All songs selected are on an upbeat side, with a lot of R&B vibes, which perfectly suits the mood.


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아주 작은 Review: BoA / Red Velvet / Huh Gak / Hyolyn

Since it’s February, and Olympic season has started, there haven’t been many releases recently, and among them, there were even less that caught my ear to try to talk about, that’s why sometimes it takes me a while to post any kind of reviews. Plus, it’s also Lunar New Year holiday season, which also means super busy irl, so I’ll try my best to post at least twice a week.

Anyways, here we are again, with next bunch of 아주 작은 Review.

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[REVIEW] #RedVelvet – #PeekABoo (2nd full album “Perfect Velvet”)

Hello folks!

Another K-pop release review here, and finally I’m starting to review some girl group stuff!
Probably you already know by now that I always preferred girl groups over boy groups, especially when it comes to learning choreography. If you see my stan list, mostly there are ladies presented.

So today I’ll be reviewing another bop delivered by Red Velvet~

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