My top-10 favorite K-pop releases of 2019 so far (1st half year edition)

Don’t you feel like 2019 is passing by way too fast? I think this goes to every single year when we’re not completely as productive as we wished us were, but oh well⁠—anyways, we’re already at the almost end of July, and I’m guilty of not only updating my platforms as often as I promised but also of how I haven’t given you my top-10 favorite releases from this year! So without further ado, let’s jump into my list.

Here, on the blog version, I’ll be giving out my list of 10 favorite releases that only feature title tracks⁠—however, I will soon post photos of a spread from my newly started k-pop journal containing 12 actual songs released in 2019 that I loved to the core (there’s not much of a difference, don’t worry!). Continue reading, because at the end I’m gonna have another major change announcement to my blog 😉

All songs are listed in no particular order.

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My 8 most favorite K-pop albums of 2018


After completing my Top 18 K-pop songs of 2018 list the other day, I thought that I can’t just leave out the album evaluations, and so, here’s my quick list of 8 most beloved albums of 2018. I must say, there are few EPs that impressed me more in its overall composition and completion than the included tracks on their own, so there will be titles you never saw coming because they weren’t on my mentioned Top 18 list.

Shall we dig in?

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18 K-pop songs that made my 2018

Well, hello there.

My end of the year has been pretty messy, and it affected my plans for a proper reboot very severely, I’d say. Nonetheless, I have made some major changes to this blog (which I’ll talk about in details in my future posts), but for now – let’s do some rankings!

Unfortunately, I couldn’t keep up with all releases for the second half of 2018, so my list is pretty much very biased towards acts I know from long before, and there are barely any new (as of, I’ve never talked about them) names. Usually I’d do rankings month by month, but somehow most of this year’s releases didn’t leave a deep impression on me, so instead of a long list I’ll be talking about 18 songs that made my 2018.

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[Rina’s List] Top songs of 2018 so far (1st half)

We’re already halfway into 2018! Time surely flies really fast.
Have you been enjoying the K-pop releases so far? I am for sure, as I can witness a stable transition from last year’s trendy sounds to new experimental music, and, of course, I’m enjoying every single bit of that movement. So how about we check out my personal lists for the first half of the year? ^__~

I’ll be doing two lists, one for title tracks, and one for B-sides, because we all know that in majority of situations B-sides become the main gems of album releases. Let’s go?

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[Review] SHINee – Our Page (The Story of Light, EP.3) [okay, it doesn’t seem like a review, too overwhelming]

June 25 is deemed to be a very difficult day for me as a LOΛE and former Shawol. Two of my favorite boy groups released their newest music on the same day. As expected, I’m double deceased by the epicness of their albums. Few hours ago I posted my review for NU’EST W’s “Dejavu”, and now let’s talk about SHINee’s final part of 6th full album “The Story of Light” and its title track Our Page.

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[Review] SHINee – I Want You (The Story of Light, EP.2)

Here we are with the second part of SHINee’s 6th full album The Story of Light. If you missed out what I thought of the EP.1, you can find my review here: [Review] SHINee – Good Evening (SHINee is Back!). SHINee, as always, set up the expectations bar way too high, and I can’t help but be half-excited, half-nervous for the next part of the series. So let’s get into The Story of Light, EP.2, and its title track I Want You.

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[Review] SHINee – Good Evening (SHINee is Back!)

SHINee is Back! And happy belated 10th anniversary, dear boys!

I was supposed to write a separate congratulatory post about it here, but… laziness is real, and it’s still hard for me to adjust back to my regular schedule after 2 weeks of a break. But yeah, some TMI: I used to be a Shawol (2013-2015 period), and was even a part of Russian subbing team. But then I just naturally distanced myself from the fandom when the boys released 1 of 1 (which I didn’t really like, in contrary to the repackage album with Tell Me What To Do). But SHINee will forever have a special spot in my heart. And actually couple of days ago I managed to order their official lightstick (yoo-hoo!). Okay, now let’s go back and talk about their newest release.

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[Breaking] SHINee Jonghyun passed away, and I can’t help but be heartbroken

I was hoping until the last moment, and have been delaying this post in hopes that I don’t need to post this, but it’s now confirmed.

SM Entertainment, hours after endless prayers, have confirmed that tonight, on December 18th, 2017, we lost an extremely talented, very sensitive and kind-hearted angel that is SHINee’s main vocal Kim Jonghyun.

I’m still at such a state of shock that I can’t process anything else. It still seems so unreal to me. It feels like I’m having a very bad dream.

SHINee were the very first k-pop boy group that I actually stanned, even if it wasn’t from their debut era.

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[REVIEW] #Taemin – #Move & #DayandNight (2nd full album “Move” + Repackage “MOVE-ing”)

Hello again! And welcome to another “throwback”-alike review post.

I initially was planning to not review Taemin’s latest comeback with Move because I didn’t manage to give the full album a listen + I slightly lost interest in SHINee after 1 of 1 album release and Taemin’s past comeback with Press It full album. But apparently Taemin’s most recent repackage album MOVE-ing went a little bit in the same direction with SHINee’s repackage called Tell Me What To Do (which I freaking LOVED), so I thought that I probably need to say something on it. So here’s the full review for both original and repackage albums title tracks!

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