[B-sides Treasure] Luna (f(x)) – My Medicine

Oops. I stopped looking at the calendar for a good while and totally forgot I was supposed to post this yesterday. /I need to start drafting ahead/ Lesson learned: I will write down on separate post-it all tasks I need to draft/publish within the day and stick it somewhere more visible than my blogging log, so I don’t forget.

Anyways, here I am again with another treasure from my long K-pop playlist. Welcome to my “Luna deserved better” shitpost, you lots. Duh.

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[Review] Amber – Rogue Rouge mixtape (SM, do your job properly already, OMG)

SM, I’m asking you once again: when will you STOP neglecting f(x)? Ever since Sulli left you almost barely cared about my girls. One comeback, a solo concert and a fandom name, yes, thank you, but after that you threw them into the dungeon. You really think MeUs will forgive you that?

My Amber released her mixtape (for free!), and you don’t even care to promote her. Is it because in one of the songs she’s clearly dissing you? I guess so.

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Ranting: f(x) Luna to finally make a comeback after 2 years!

So SM entertainment finally confirmed that f(x)‘s Luna is making her comeback in April, and what can I say as a almost-hardcore MeU and Luna’s ultimate fan.

I’ve been a MeU ever since Electric Shock back in 2012, and the more it went, the more I loved these girls. Sulli‘s departure really affected the group’s stability on market, and, unfortunately, after very successful 4 Walls in 2015 SM tucked all 4 girls into dungeon. Luna‘s long awaited solo in 2016 didn’t find positive response from Korean public (you frigging stupid people let her flop, I’m still remembering and not forgiving you that, you know), and after that we only have pieces of news from the girls’ personal instagram.

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