My official K-pop merch collection! + tips on buying

Hello lovelies!

I should start thinking about fandom name… or is it too early? lol

Not too long ago I held a poll on my Twitter page (go follow me at @RantingRina if you haven’t yet!) about what next I should post on the blog after my return from hiatus announcement, and most votes went to showing my official K-pop merch collection! I mean, who doesn’t like seeing shelves full of albums and other possible merch? Amirite?

So let’s just dive into my K-pop collection! And I also will tell you some tips on how I purchase albums and official merchandise~

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My top best K-pop albums of all time

Hey there!

So as my blog is slowly growing, and I’m pretty much establishing myself here (again, lol), I thought that I should make more of my preference lists so readers can know my tastes better (and maybe? – be able to suggest exactly the things I might love), so today I’ll list (and this list will be regularly updated) my forever favorite K-pop albums of all time.

Will highlight the songs definitely worth checking out in all listed albums.

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