My 8 most favorite K-pop albums of 2018


After completing my Top 18 K-pop songs of 2018 list the other day, I thought that I can’t just leave out the album evaluations, and so, here’s my quick list of 8 most beloved albums of 2018. I must say, there are few EPs that impressed me more in its overall composition and completion than the included tracks on their own, so there will be titles you never saw coming because they weren’t on my mentioned Top 18 list.

Shall we dig in?

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18 K-pop songs that made my 2018

Well, hello there.

My end of the year has been pretty messy, and it affected my plans for a proper reboot very severely, I’d say. Nonetheless, I have made some major changes to this blog (which I’ll talk about in details in my future posts), but for now – let’s do some rankings!

Unfortunately, I couldn’t keep up with all releases for the second half of 2018, so my list is pretty much very biased towards acts I know from long before, and there are barely any new (as of, I’ve never talked about them) names. Usually I’d do rankings month by month, but somehow most of this year’s releases didn’t leave a deep impression on me, so instead of a long list I’ll be talking about 18 songs that made my 2018.

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[아주 작은 REVIEW] Soyeon, Chungha, Seulgi, SinB / NU’EST W / Yuri (SNSD) / Super Junior

Erm… Hi.

Okay, probably I hurried a little bit with my “grande” return from hiatus, as some of my life issues hasn’t been solved yet, hence I still didn’t schedule up all my daily routine to stick to in order to keep up with daily chores and blogging. But I’ll get there soon! Really soon. Probably by the 1st anniversary of the blog. Pssst.

So, before I disappear again for god knows how many more days, let me do a quick review of some latest releases I enjoyed? Today I have a craaaazy collaboration from Station 0NU’EST W (who I’m apparently seeing in Bangkok super soon), Yuri of SNSD, and Super Junior.

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[Rina’s List] Favorite K-pop YouTubers

In this era, YouTube has become an integral part of how we find new music to listen to and where we can hear out multiple opinions on it. At this point, becoming a K-pop YouTuber has turned into a trend, and it gets harder and harder to stand out among thousands of other fellow fans. Especially when you’re running a reaction channel. Sure, 6-7 years ago there were only few K-pop reactors on YouTube, but now the numbers have multiplied.

So here’s my list of recommended K-pop oriented YouTube channels you should definitely check out and probably even subscribe if you haven’t done that yet! YouTubers were selected based on how unique their content is, and will also include one channel that is not active anymore as of now, but the content was too good to not mention it.

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[Rina’s List] 11 underrated female dance solos

Time to be brutally honest: female solos are usually being slept on much more frequently than male solos. This statement is not meant to hate on male solos (I stan 3 male soloists, did you even know that? Ha.), but in K-pop market females are having it harder when they go solo. Since they’re not a part of a group, there’s no option for choosing a bias: you either like this soloist, or not.

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[Review] Minseo – Zero (I’m eternally SHOOK by the epicness of this song)

I never thought that soon after I discovered Minseo with her retro sounding Is Who, I’ll be writing a full review to her next single (she’s apparently releasing stuff so frequently like?? very?? frequently??) Never have I imagined how speechless she’s gonna leave me with both the song and the MV for Zero. Without further ago, let’s find out what exactly made me so damn shocked to the point I still can’t recover myself.

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[Hidden Gemstone] Park Jimin (15&) – Hopeless Love

I apologize for the delay of this post, I was too caught up with real-time work to make time to write this. I will try drafting posts in advance and schedule their releases so I won’t have to delay anything again.

Anyways, welcome back to my new segment Hidden Gemstone, and today my focus is on a solo release from 15&‘s Park Jimin called Hopeless Love.

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[아주 작은 REVIEW] Woo Jinyoung & Kim Hyunsoo / Longguo / Blackpink / BTOB

I’m trying really hard to not be a lazy blogger, but honestly speaking, all I can think about these days is the upcoming NU’EST W comeback (I mean, have you heard this amazing highlight medley??)… I need to focus on other releases before I completely lose myself over my ultimate bias boy group.

So here we go with the 21st edition of 아주 작은 REVIEW featuring 2 Produce 101 ex-contestants Woo Jinyoung and Jin Longguo, long-awaited Blackpink and always trusted BTOB.

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[Opinion] Okay, let’s talk about ignorant i-fans (if you’ve been annoyed by constant “eng plz”, this post is for you)

Recently in NU’EST’s fandom, LOΛE, there was a pretty hilarious situation (which fortunately ended as of today). May 21 marked NU’EST member Aron 26th birthday (Korean age), and the fandom trended the celebratory hashtag #은하수별_아론_생일축하해 (translates as “Galaxy Star Aron, Happy birthday”) on Twitter. However, few days later, few people from 4 fandoms – Wannable (Wanna One fandom), Army (BTS fandom), EXO-L (EXO fandom), Buddy (GFRIEND fandom) – used the same hashtag to celebrate 5 idols (2 from Wanna One, and 1 of each remaining fandom mentioned) birthdays, without realizing their bias name wasn’t even mentioned in the hashtag (okay, the case with Eunha of GFRIEND is slightly understandable because first 2 hangeul in Aron’s hashtag is actually matching Eunha’s hangeul name).

This constant confusion reminded of those kind of tweets/posts/comments I always hated seeing even back when I still had zero knowledge in Korean. So, today I’d like to talk about ignorance of some K-pop fans towards what’s most dear to their idols – Korean language.

If you’ve been constantly annoyed by endless “speak English”, “English please/plz”, as well as “where tf are the subs” three hours after release of favorite variety show’s newest episode, and such sort of comments from i-fans – welcome to my TED talk discussion post.

Warning: I have zero intention in sugar coating my words, so whatever I say here (or in any other post on this blog) – is said honestly and fully reflects my thoughts.

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[Review] Dreamcatcher – You And I (Nightmare: Escape the ERA)

Dreamcatcher. Dreamcatcher. DREAMCATCHER.
People need to check out these ladies and consider themselves stanning this amazing group. This is the paradise for me who’s a hardcore K-pop and rock fan.

Okay, so the ladies are back with their newest mini album Nightmare: Escape the ERA, and their new title track You And I is a freaking bop. Let’s talk about it?

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