Weekly recap: June 24-30, 2019

Lots of things happen in a week: it could be a desert with barely 3 releases throughout days, or it could be 3 releases in a day for 3 days straight. Usually when second situation happens, I end up delaying my reviews, because a) I still can’t do time management; b) it takes time to absorb every single release and find out which one you can review on your platform.

Last week of June gave us new music from: Chungha, Purplebeck, (G)I-DLE, Sulli and Minhyuk of MONSTA X. Let’s check them out?

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Weekly recap: June 17-23

Hi everyone!

Another week has passed, and oh wow, it IS hectic on K-pop market! It’s getting harder to keep up with most releases, that I don’t know whether I should be a bit more selective with releases I review on these weekly recaps or not. I don’t think I can pull out a post of my impression to 6+ songs, so, in case it gets even more hectic, I probably will have to be picky with what I write about on my platform.

Also I figured out that publishing a review on weekend doesn’t work with me at all, because I want to be busy with preparing the visual aspect of my blog/YouTube channel, and it’s impossible to film/take pictures for 4-5 hours straight and then sit down and write a 3000 word long review that could end up being insincere. So from now on, all Weekly recaps will be published on Mondays instead of Sundays.

Now, back to reviewing, this recap features releases from: Leo of VIXX, SF9Yesung of Super Junior, and Red Velvet. I’m intentionally skipping reviewing Stray Kids because their music is completely out of my style, and I can’t judge it in a neutral way, sorry to all Stays out there.

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Weekly K-pop recap: June 10-16, 2019

Another week has passed, and even more K-pop releases came our way. It’s such a never ending cycle. Some of them may stay in your playlist, and for others… you might have to click that “skip” button. Tell you what – that is completely okay to not like a song. When it comes to music, there’s no definition to the “right” or “wrong” preference.

Let’s take a look at the new songs from this week? We have releases from Ateez, TVXQ’s Yunho, Noir, Ong Seongwu and Jeon Somi.

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Weekly K-pop recap: June 3-9, 2019

There’s no end to new K-pop releases, and with such big amount of new content incoming every single day, it’s hard to keep up with them without eventually feeling emotionally drained. And if you’re ever a writer of reviews, you can probably relate to those times when you just don’t feel like reviewing anything because you got so overwhelmed with new songs to check out. And that’s why I’m changing from having two review sections for K-pop to writing only one, but hopefully more effective than those before.

So in this week’s K-pop recap we have: Sandeul of B1A4, WJSN, fromis_9 and Teen Top.

Just a quick mention: all the releases I mention here are listed in the Wikipedia article which I use as my database of all new albums/singles.

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[아주 작은 REVIEW] Soyeon, Chungha, Seulgi, SinB / NU’EST W / Yuri (SNSD) / Super Junior

Erm… Hi.

Okay, probably I hurried a little bit with my “grande” return from hiatus, as some of my life issues hasn’t been solved yet, hence I still didn’t schedule up all my daily routine to stick to in order to keep up with daily chores and blogging. But I’ll get there soon! Really soon. Probably by the 1st anniversary of the blog. Pssst.

So, before I disappear again for god knows how many more days, let me do a quick review of some latest releases I enjoyed? Today I have a craaaazy collaboration from Station 0NU’EST W (who I’m apparently seeing in Bangkok super soon), Yuri of SNSD, and Super Junior.

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[Review] Minseo – Zero (I’m eternally SHOOK by the epicness of this song)

I never thought that soon after I discovered Minseo with her retro sounding Is Who, I’ll be writing a full review to her next single (she’s apparently releasing stuff so frequently like?? very?? frequently??) Never have I imagined how speechless she’s gonna leave me with both the song and the MV for Zero. Without further ago, let’s find out what exactly made me so damn shocked to the point I still can’t recover myself.

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[아주 작은 REVIEW] Day6 / UNB / A’Pink / MAMAMOO

Keeping up with new content becomes harder as I invest myself more into checking out completely different artists, including those I’ve never heard before (well, I signed up for this when I started the blog, didn’t I?), and also as I’m full-time focused on supporting my bias group who’s on their promotional period right now. So I apologize again for such late reviews during these times.

I’m back again with another 아주 작은 REVIEW, and we have Day6, UNB, A’Pink and MAMAMOO to talk about.

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[Review] NU’EST W – Dejavu (2nd mini album “WHO•YOU”)

8 months since the last release of W,Here EP with its big hit Where You At, NU’EST’s sub-unit NU’EST W are finally back with new mini-album called WHO•YOU, and it’s nothing but pure eargasm for me and for many fans and even non-fans. Challenging the Latin Pop genre for the very first time, the young men provide an absolutely different sound sugarcoated with their own sophisticating feeling. Let’s dig into this album, shall we?

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[아주 작은 REVIEW] Woo Jinyoung & Kim Hyunsoo / Longguo / Blackpink / BTOB

I’m trying really hard to not be a lazy blogger, but honestly speaking, all I can think about these days is the upcoming NU’EST W comeback (I mean, have you heard this amazing highlight medley??)… I need to focus on other releases before I completely lose myself over my ultimate bias boy group.

So here we go with the 21st edition of 아주 작은 REVIEW featuring 2 Produce 101 ex-contestants Woo Jinyoung and Jin Longguo, long-awaited Blackpink and always trusted BTOB.

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[Review] SHINee – Good Evening (SHINee is Back!)

SHINee is Back! And happy belated 10th anniversary, dear boys!

I was supposed to write a separate congratulatory post about it here, but… laziness is real, and it’s still hard for me to adjust back to my regular schedule after 2 weeks of a break. But yeah, some TMI: I used to be a Shawol (2013-2015 period), and was even a part of Russian subbing team. But then I just naturally distanced myself from the fandom when the boys released 1 of 1 (which I didn’t really like, in contrary to the repackage album with Tell Me What To Do). But SHINee will forever have a special spot in my heart. And actually couple of days ago I managed to order their official lightstick (yoo-hoo!). Okay, now let’s go back and talk about their newest release.

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